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Fave 5+ - Week mom October 4, 2021

Fave 5+ - Week mom October 4, 2021
By Eric Maierson • Issue #166 • View online

  1. Some newish work from Kirby Ferguson (Everything Is a Remix): CONSTANTLY WRONG: The Case Against Conspiracy Theories
  2. Photos: A volcano erupts on the Canary Islands.
  3. How to Bury an Entire Museum
  4. Every Breath You Take, cover. Get that singer contract. Plus, a favorite song in a recently discovered version. (Trust me, it’s Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris.) Bonus, U.S. Navy goes METAL.
  5. The Walk Of Life Project: Hypothesis: “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits is the perfect song to end any movie
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Eric Maierson

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