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Focustivity - Issue #2

Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich
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I’m sharing what I learn while building applications that help businesses and people be more productive. 
#M365 #PowerPlatform #Productivity #ToolsForThought.

In this issue
  • The Pomodoro Method
  • Test a SQL Connection with PowerShell
  • A Tweet thread about SharePoint Hub Sites.
  • Introduction to Microsoft’s Universal Print.
  • Upload files to SharePoint with JavaScript.
  • Send Adaptive Cards with CLI Microsoft 365.
  • Share a Windows in Microsoft Teams from the Task Bar.
  • Windows + H allows you to dictate into a textbox.
  • The new customRowAction JSON formatting in Microsoft Lists.
  • 5 browser keyboard shortcuts.
Eric Gregorich
In SharePoint Online, we can create "Hub Sites" which are used to group many site collections together.

A Global or SharePoint Admin must register a hub site through the SharePoint Admin Center.
Eric Gregorich
I'm using @mailbrew to provide a daily synopsis of the things I follow online, from RSS, newsletters, Twitter, YouTube, and other sources.

It saves time and energy to have a curated, limited digest that I can quickly get through without being sucked into a scrolling black hole!
Eric Gregorich
Redwood trees grow to be hundreds of feet tall with massive trunks.
These trees have shallow roots that spread hundreds of feet in all directions, intertwining with the roots of other Redwoods.
Redwood trees stand firm as a community, not as individuals.

Articles I've found helpful
Introduction to Universal Print
Upload files to SharePoint with JavaScript using Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Authentication Library.
How to send Adaptive Cards with CLI Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Tech Community
My Favorite Tweets
James Mallalieu
Just discovered you can share a window during a #MicrosoftTeams meeting via the #Windows11 taskbar😍 You can even change which window you are sharing without stopping/resharing🥳
Luise Freese 👑 MVP | 🧞 #ProvisionGenie
This is pretty much amazing. Turn on speech recognition in settings on #Windows10, then type

WIN + H and dictate everything - this tweet was dictated 🚀🚀🚀

Michel Mendes
As pointed by @techan_k we can now update list items using JSON formatting!😱 New customRowAction for setValue is available:
#SharePoint #MicrosoftLists #ListFormatting #Microsoft365
Carol Lynne ✨ Mindful Productivityist

5 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Aren't Using

#1 CTRL+SHIFT+T: Restore Closed Browser Tab

#2 CTRL+D: Bookmark a webpage

#3 CTRL+F: Find text on a webpage

#4 Ctrl+T: Open a new browser tab

#5 Ctrl+N: Open a new browser window

#tweet100 #ship30for30
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Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich @ericgregorich

Helpful resources for Software Architects, Developers, and Power Users involved in the Microsoft Platform. In addition, I throw in some personal knowledge management and productivity tips.

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