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Newsletter of Eric81766 🕹️ - Issue #1

Eric81766 🕹️ News
Eric81766 🕹️ News
This is a test of switching from AWeber to Revue.
Revue does have a nice editor that I’m typing this in.
And it looks like the formatting will be nice.
And since this isn’t a paid newsletter, it should be free to send.
as per
On Revue, it is free for anyone to publish a newsletter. The following features are all available on our free tier:
  • A world-class, easy-to-use newsletter editor
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited team members
  • A custom profile domain, a custom from address
  • Custom colors
  • Unique engagement insights
archive copy of above link
So if this newsletter works, then it’s a good option for other indie gamedevs.
Because free is a difficult price to beat.
see also
and as I recently Tweeted:
email marketing & #indiedev
When I had a magazine about pet ferrets
The email list could sell
back issues, books, t-shirts, mugs, food, toys, art, etc
so there were TONS of cross-sells, upsells
& ways to sell holiday product specials, and more
plus (potentially) have ads
if an #indiedev has
one game for sale $15
maybe a DLC for $5
and no other products
How does that cover paying for mailing list hosting?
I believe in email lists - but if you only have a $15 product and nothing else to sell, it looks like the $ math gets difficult.
Until next time, catch me on Twitter

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Eric81766 🕹️ News
Eric81766 🕹️ News @eric81766

first PC was a TRS-80, then an Atari800 - first real job was NES programming - into both making and publishing - get my newsletter for #indiedev tips

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