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⚡️Fertility Webinar Pre-Sale - Ergogenic Health

Hey fam, Lucas here... Here's a quick reminder for those looking to enhance fertility... 👶🏼DO YOU
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⚡️Fertility Webinar Pre-Sale - Ergogenic Health
By Lucas Aoun • Issue #18 • View online
Hey fam,

Lucas here…

Here’s a quick reminder for those looking to enhance fertility…

This week I announced a joint collaboration with @TheWomenSeries, where we are releasing a BACK-TO-BACK collaboration WEBINAR, to support fertility.
If you are currently trying to conceive, or know someone that is trying to do so, then this webinar is just what you need.
What will be covered?
  • Nutrition for sperm
  • Nutrition for healthy follicles
  • What supplements boost fertility
  • Lifestyle Hacks: Sleep, Cold Therapy and Movement
  • Toxic loads and infertility
  • Gut microbiome and its connection to infertility
  • Inflammation and its influence on conception
  • Fertile window: No point having sex 24/7!
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