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Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #9

Hey Fam, Hopefully you've had a chance to checkout my new podcast! If you haven't yet, tune in and s
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #9
By Lucas Aoun • Issue #9 • View online
Hey Fam,

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to checkout my new podcast!
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Anyway, this week I want to discuss a little on gut health.

Do you do regular exercise? I know that I sometimes do TOO much, and up crashing completely. I’m such an all or nothing person.

What’s the link between OVERTRAINING and GUT HEALTH?

👉🏽 Exercise is an extremely healthy practice. However, certain types of exercise can drastically destroy your gut. Let’s take a look at the findings:⁣

Physiological changes occur as a result of strenuous exercise, which are related to modifications of structural proteins known as tight junctions.
These proteins remodel because of constant changes in blood flow in the intestinal region.
Exercise-stimulated gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as diarrhea, cramping, nausea and gastric pain occur frequently in runners during training and competitions (Fernanda et al., 2018).
The key culprit behind GI symptoms during exercise is splanchnic hypoperfusion. Splanchnic hypoperfusion during exercise may lead to intestinal ischemia that subsequently damages intestinal epithelial cells and compromises the intestinal barrier function (Steege and Kolkman, 2012).⁣
Exercise is an excellent adjunct in to the treatment of common diseases such as diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease. It improves plasma lipid profiles, increases bone density, and helps with body composition. However, the beneficial effects of exercise are somewhat LOST with exhaustion and with lack of rest, poor dieting and nutrient deficiencies (VinÑa et al., 2000).

Surprisingly, a randomized, controlled trial evaluating moderate aerobic exercise training as a treatment option for IBS showed that aerobic exercise provides benefits on symptom severity in patients with IBS (Maleki B et al., 2018). It was demonstrated that plasma pro-inflammatory cytokines and peroxidative biomarkers were reduced with 24 weeks of low-moderate intensity aerobic exercise, while plasma concentrations of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant parameters were enhanced (Maleki B et al., 2018). ⁣

A compound known as BPC-157 - which stands for “BODY PROTECTIVE COMPOUND” has been shown to restore gut health, reduce leaky gut, and improve the overall microbiome.
In fact, this peptide, has been shown to completely reverse LIVER damage when scientists (sadly) decided to poison rats with IBUPROFEN.
You can learn more about this peptide here.

I will be exploring other gut healing compounds in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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