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Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #20

Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #20
By Lucas Aoun • Issue #21 • View online
Hey everyone,
This week I want to talk about a compound found in BLUEBERRIES!
The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is like a bouncer at a club. Essentially, it regulates healthy and unhealthy compounds from entering into the brain. ⁣
Pterostilbene has been found to penetrate the BBB (Lange et al., 2018), where it is able to reduce NEURO-Inflammation, increase BDNF and support executive functioning. ⁣
As I have mentioned in a previous posts, blueberries can actually be used before exercise to enhance the euphoria/runner’s high. This is because blueberries contain Pterostilbene, which has been shown to inhibit FAAH, which increases anandamide, the bliss chemical in our brain (El-Alfy et al., 2014)⁣
When we fast, an enzyme known as AMPK is activated. This been shown to help reduce fat storage (especially dangerous belly fat), increase insulin sensitivity (to lower blood glucose), reduce cholesterol/triglyceride production, and suppress chronic inflammation. Pterostilbene found within Blueberries is a potent stimulator of AMPK, similar to the famous Metformin, anti-diabetes drug (Lin et al., 2012).⁣
Eat ya blueberries! Or, you can be a geeky biohacker like me and push the limits and take the benefits to another level by supplementing with Pterostilbene. In the past, I have dosed between 50mg-250mg with good effects in regards to cognition, mood and inflammation.
P.S - Do you use Ashwagandha, or have you used Ashwagandha? I got a frightening fact coming up about this herb soon!
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Lucas Aoun

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