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Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #16

Hey everyone, Lucas here... If you've been following me on my IG you will know that today is the da
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #16
By Lucas Aoun • Issue #16 • View online
Hey everyone,

Lucas here…

If you’ve been following me on my IG you will know that today is the day that I promised to announce a gut healing compound…

3….2……1…… It’s HERE: Larazotide Acetate

This compound belongs to a new class of drugs called tight junction regulators. Tight junctions, which are located in the bowel, should remain closed. However, in patients with celiac disease, gluten causes tight junctions to remain open. This spurs inflammation that causes intestinal damage. When taken before a meal, larazotide acetate may help keep tight junctions closed, thus reducing the inflammatory process triggered by gluten.
Larazotide acetate is a novel, locally acting non-systemic, synthetic 8-amino acid oral peptide, discovered during functional screening of synthetic Vibrio cholera related peptides. Larazotide acetate is a first-in-class tight junction (TJ) regulator under development as an adjunct to a Gluten-Free-Diet. Larazotide acetate appears to prevent opening of intestinal TJs by promoting TJ assembly and actin filament rearrangement, which prevents gluten from reaching the intestinal submucosa and triggering an inflammatory response.

✅Eat Your Gluten In Peace?
Innovate is a privately owned clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. For celiac disease, larazotide acetate is the only drug that has met the primary endpoint with statistical significance in a Phase 2b efficacy clinical trial. Larazotide acetate has received Fast Track designation from the FDA for celiac disease (R).

What Causes Leaky Gut?
-Alcohol exposure.
-Nutrient deficiencies.
-Excessive exercise.

Want to listen to a professor talk about this compound?
—-> See this YouTube Video

Gut health MUST be your main priority for optimal health. Fortunately, the team at LVLUP have formulated this compound in capsule form, alongside other POTENT gut healing compounds. You can purchase it here:

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