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Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #11

Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health
Boost Your Biology Newsletter - By Ergogenic Health - Issue #11
By Lucas Aoun • Issue #11 • View online
Hey Fam,
This week has been a big one on my Instagram. I’ve been upping my post frequency, to provide you with more biohacking/wellness content.
In fact, this week I was considered in the “Top 100 Health Instagram Influencers most followed in 2020
Anyway, enough about ME.
This week I want to discuss with YOU more about one of my ALL time, favourite MARINE DRUGS
In fact, it’s actually a brown seaweed.
It’s called Ecklonia cava.
Those of you who have joined my Free Sleep Masterclass will already know about this seaweed.
Well, what makes this seaweed so special?
Ecklonia cava is hardly known about, however, in Japan, there are reports that this particular seaweed has had over $33 million dollars worth of research invested into it… and for good reason!!
EC supports weight-loss via the following mechanisms:
-Decreases the expression of adipogenesis (expansion of fat cells)-related genes.
-Decreases Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) and adiponectin.
-Increases AMPK/SIRT1 and ↑PPAR-α/CPT-1.
-Reduce leptin levels.
(Kim et al., 2017).
Polyphenols from Ecklonia (such as Eckol and Triphlorethol-A) can reduce oxidative stress in the lungs (Kang et al., 2005). 
Ecklonia has potent anti-inflammatory effects and may be a useful therapeutic agent for inflammatory diseases (Yang et al., 2014).
EC possesses very potent GABAergic properties, meaning it may act in a similar fashion to alcohol, but instead, significantly improve sleep quality (Minseok et al., 2018). There are other powerful effects in the brain too long for this post. 
Scientists studied 31 men with erectile dysfunction for over six months. For eight weeks they compared ECE to Viagra®. They looked at orgasmic function, intercourse fulfillment, erectile function, and overall fulfillment. No side effects were reported with Ecklonia Cava Extract.
During the course of 8 weeks ECE & Viagra® scored:
ECE scored: Orgasmic Function: 87%
Erectile Function: 66%
Intercourse Satisfaction: 74%,
Overall Satisfaction: 62%
Viagra® scored: Orgasmic Function: 27%
Erectile Function: 66%
Intercourse Satisfaction: 44%,
Overall Satisfaction: 39%
Ecklonia cava is a well-known natural substance that attenuates inflammation, allergy and cancer. In this study, we investigated the effects of Ecklonia cava extract in PCOS rats. When Letrozole-induced PCOS rats were exposed to the Ecklonia cava extract, the regular estrus cycle was restored, similar to that in placebo rats. Hormone levels, including testosterone, estrogen, LH, FSH and AMH, recovered to their normal states
EC is a powerful supplement that can be highly beneficial in certain demographics. Another additional benefit is that it actually outperformed viagra for erection quality. EC deserves much more attention in the health & wellness space.
There are even more BENEFITS that are too long to list for this email. In fact, I might do an entire podcast episode on this, keep an eye out!
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Lucas Aoun

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