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Dispatch - Colchester Edition
Welcome to Dispatch - Colchester Edition.

12 July - 19 July
Overview of policing activity for June
An Overview of policing activity in June 2022
An Overview of policing activity in June 2022
During June we investigated 96 missing person incidents, meaning that we received 96 calls whereby a loved one could not be found by family or friends and they felt they needed the police to help find the person.
We also attended 377 domestic abuse incidents in the district. Often attended by our response teams for the initial call to ensure everybody is safe and protected while they undertake the initial enquiries. When further investigation and safeguarding is required the response teams will work closely with our Domestic Abuse Investigation Teams, Domestic Abuse Problem Solving Teams along with our partner agencies and domestic abuse charities.
We used our powers to stop and search 143 times in Colchester throughout June. This is a power we use to keep our communities safe which allows us to search a person for weapons, prohibited items, stolen items and other things that could cause harm to our communities. To use this power we must have reasonable grounds to suspect the person being searched has an object on them to allow the search to take place.
Also in June we have gathered 675 pieces of intelligence, which comes from a variety of places. This is information that has concerned people or that adds to a policing operation already in place. If you have information that you feel could help us keep your community safe you can contact us online via the Essex Police website, 101 telephone system or to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers - Independent UK charity taking crime information anonymously | Crimestoppers (crimestoppers-uk.org)
Marking Anti Social Behaviour Week
This week, beginning Monday 18 July, sees the start of the second annual Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Awareness Week.
We know that anti-social behaviour is something which can impact individuals and communities at any time. Police forces across the country are working with Resolve, the UK’s leading ASB and community safety organisation, to ensure that victims are aware of how they can report this crime and how we can help them.
Antisocial behaviour is defined as any action where a victim feels harassed, alarmed, distressed or forced into a situation that causes nuisance or annoyance.
In Essex, we have seen reports of anti-social behaviour fall in 2022, and we need to make sure this crime type isn’t being underreported so that we can support victims as best as we can.
Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet, who is also the national lead for antisocial behaviour across policing in the UK, said:
“We are continuing to ensure that officers across the county – and the country – are best trained in how to deal with antisocial behaviour and help victims of this crime.
“We are seeing in Essex that antisocial behaviour is still widely underreported. We know it can have a long-lasting impact on the lives of victims and communities, so having conversations around how to tackle it is vital.
“This type of crime is not low-level and can impact people from all walks of life. At its worst, antisocial behaviour can be a targeted, pernicious attack that can lead to the most devastating of outcomes.
“If you have been a victim of antisocial behaviour, please report it so that we can support you and bring offenders to justice.”
You can report Anti Social Behaviour here: Report | Essex Police
Essex Police in Colchester District
Working with partners over the weekend to keep people safe who are using the water to cool off. Remember to take simple steps to keep you safe in and around the water. https://t.co/zR27XPTloA
Stroll with a Patrol in Colchester
Stroll with a Patrol in Colchester
Essex Police in Colchester District
We have seen an increase in small fires being lit in #Wivenhoe and #Highwoods - please bare in mind the dry conditions and speak to your teenage children about the dangers of setting fires. https://t.co/a1Sh56IWIr
CCTV from our "NO PRESSURE" workshop
CCTV from our "NO PRESSURE" workshop
Mersea Island Year 6’s become detectives for the day
This week we delivered our “NO PRESSURE” workshop to year 6 at Mersea Island School. The workshop consists of the year 6 students becoming detectives for the day whereby the investigate the circumstances of a missing teenager. Throughout the morning they make enquiries into the disappearance including reading statements, briefings, watching CCTV, mobile phone downloads, making phone calls and much more.
They learn about the affects their behaviour can have on local communities, residents and businesses, with them watching a body warn video clip of a shopkeeper talking about how young people can sometimes affect their business when they loiter and cause a nuisance outside their shops.
They got to see and relate to how peer pressure can work and spoke about the people they can speak to if they feel pressured.
Keep an eye out over the next month or two in Mersea for some of the children work to go on display.
If you are from a school and would like to book this in for your year 6 students next year please email - colchestercommunitypolicingteam@essex.police.uk
Essex Community Goals Tournament a success
Drugs Gangs disguising dangerous drugs as sweets
OPERATION RAPTOR - Cracking down on county lines
Operation Raptor is the force wide response towards County Drug lines operating in Essex. The team operate to proactively target those supplying Class A drugs, predominantly Crack cocaine and Heroin in Essex from London or other neighbouring counties. County Lines attract significant violence and exploitation due to the nature of the offending. Op Raptor dismantle drug lines from the top, ensuring that those operating under duress are safeguarded and removed from those circles.
A ‘gang’ is defined as a relatively durable, predominantly street-based group of people who see themselves (and are seen by others) as a discernible group and who engage in a range of criminal activity and violence.
They may also have any or all of the following factors:
·      identify with or lay claim over territory
·      have some form of identifying structure feature
·      are in conflict with other, similar gangs.
County Lines refers to gangs and organised criminal networks which export/supply illegal drugs into suburban, rural and coastal areas, using dedicated mobile phone lines or ‘deal lines’.
County Lines gangs criminally exploit children and vulnerable adults to move drugs and money. 
The gangs move into a rural or suburban area for a short time, taking over the home of a vulnerable person where they set up a base in order to deal drugs - this is known as cuckooing.
County Lines activity and the associated violence, drug dealing and exploitation has a devastating impact on children & young people, vulnerable adults and local communities.
Many of those taken advantage of by these gangs have been forced to carry out criminal activity by threats, grooming and extortion and can be described as modern day slaves.
Operation Raptor Updates
Since the end of March 2022, the North Raptor team who cover Colchester, Tendring, Braintree, Uttlesford, Maldon and Chelmsford have been exceptionally busy with a large amount of enforcement being undertaken across the LPA.
Arrests: 37
Charge and Remands: 27
Cash Seized: £13,800 + £15,500 in asset recovery
Drugs Recovered: 123.4 grams of Crack Cocaine, 54.76 grams of Heroin, 24.87 grams of Cocaine and 123 grams of Cannabis
Weapons Recovered: 7 – including two imitation firearms and one S5 firearm
Main Drug Line Phones Seized: 16
 Some of their work in Colchester is highlighted below:
  • On 21st April 2022 Op Raptor officers arrested a male on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A relating to a County Line in Colchester. This investigation began with the arrest of a juvenile in London who was found in possession of a loaded firearm. He provided a DCS stating he was being forced to supply drugs by the line. From that point telephone work identified the person responsible. He has been charged and remanded for being concerned in the supply of Crack and Heroin.
  • On 19th May OP Raptor officers identified and arrested a London male who had been identified as the line holder for a County Line operating in Colchester. A second line was identified during the search of his address and the drug line phone recovered. Inside his address officers seized 61 wraps of Class A, £270 cash and 424 grams of Cannabis. The male was interviewed, charged with concerned in the supply x 2 and PWITS cannabis. He was remanded in custody.
  • On 7th June the North Disruptor team attended a Colchester address in connection with a welfare check on the occupant, a vulnerable drug user. Inside the premises were two males. Operation Raptor attended the address and carried out a search for drugs of them, both were then arrested for being concerned in the supply of class A drugs. On the premises being searched a phone and a large sword/machete was located under the settee the two males were located on. Over £1000 cash was seized from the males.
  • On 23rd June 2022 Raptor executed a warrant in London to arrest a male who had been attributed to a County Line through phone analysis. He was conveyed to Colchester Custody where he was charged and remanded for being concerned in the supply of Class A. He has since pled guilty and is awaiting sentence.
  • On 25th June 2022 a vehicle was stopped and a search began. The passenger, from London, began to run away and discarded a phone which was recovered by Police. This was confirmed to be the County line phone. Both he and the driver were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of Class A. Operation Raptor officers came in the following day to pick up the prisoners and conducted a further search of the vehicle with a drugs dog, who located approximately 1 ounce of Crack Cocaine and Heroin concealed behind the glove box with a street value of approximately £2,800. Both prisoners were interviewed, CPS were approached and both were charged with PWITS x 2 and being concerned in the supply x 2. 
If you know of drug dealing in your area - you can contact Essex Police to provide information or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.
One of the finds by Operation Raptor officers.
One of the finds by Operation Raptor officers.
Find out more about policing in your area
Community news
Advice and information on our website
Upcoming events
We host a number of events throughout the district where you can get to know some of the police officers and staff who protect and serve your community. Talk to us about the things that are causing you concern in your communities, get crime prevention advice or find out what we’re doing to tackle antisocial behaviour in your area. Whatever you would like to discuss about local policing, we’re here to listen and work with our local partners to resolve any issues.
Wednesday 20 July 2022 - 1pm-3pm - Popular Nurseries, Marks Tey - Meet your local PCSO
Wednesday 20 July 2022 - 4pm-5pm - Go4 Cafe, Old Heath Recreation Ground
Saturday 23 July 2022 - 10am-4pm Wivenhoe fire station open day - Meet your local PCSO
Saturday 23 July 2022 - 1pm-2pm - Cafe Nero, Culver street west - Coffee with a cop
Saturday 23 July 2022 - 2pm-3pm - Prettygate Library - Beat Surgery
Monday 25 July 2022 - 10am-11am - St Cedds Hall, Shrub End - Coffee with a cop
Wednesday 27 July 2022- 9am-11am - Greggs, St Christopher road, St Johns, Coffee With a cop
Friday 29 July 2022 - 10:30 am -12pm - The Oak Tree Community Cafe, Highwoods - Coffee with a cop
Take a look at our Facebook page for details of our events, or head to the Your Area section of our website.
Please note events may be cancelled at short notice due to operational demands, details of which will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Crime prevention advice
A few tips for keeping your home secure:
1.      Don’t attract a thief with insecure pedal cycles or cars on display.
2.      Keep side or rear gates, sheds and garages shut and securely locked.
3.      Before going out or ‘turning in for the night’ lift the blinds or open the curtains and check windows and patio doors are closed, the sun may have been on the TV when it was hot, and so the curtains were drawn whilst the window was open or someone may have closed it, but did they lock it? 
4.      Doors - Leave any accessible external door open or insecure and an opportunist thief could pop in and anything lying around may be taken. You may have only popped out, or down the end of the garden or having a quick shower; it only takes a second for a thief to steal. Don’t forget that with a PVCu multi-locking door you may have lifted the handle but until you turn the key (or on some doors a thumb-turn on the inside) you have not locked all of the locking bolts in place.
5.      Windows - If you have unoccupied rooms that are accessible to others from outside or off flat roofs make sure the windows are closed, if you need ventilation in these rooms whilst at home at least lock the larger window and only have the small window open even. If you only have bigger opening windows, consider a lockable window restrictor and a small alarm sensor on the window to detect entry.
6.      If you have an intruder alarm activate it when going out and activate the zone for any unoccupied areas whilst in.
7.      Car keys - don’t take them to bed with you, where possible leave them in noisy drawer/location. Keep the keyless car key fobs in a “Faraday” bag.
8.      If you do hear a suspicious noise in the house that you are not happy with dial 999 and make a noise, shout out, it could cause any intruder to flee, they may not have known you were home, remember your life is more important than your property. If safe to do so, get a good description of the person/s and if possible, the car index number and direction of travel.
NB: In case of fire or other emergency ensure that keys to windows and doors are always readily accessible to occupants but not in view of possible burglars.
Crime prevention advice on our website
Be fraud smart
Holiday fraud
Holiday fraud is on the increase as people use holiday booking websites more and more.
Scammers will list a hotel room or accommodation that isn’t available or doesn’t exist. Often victims only realise it’s a scam when they arrive at their destination, by which time the fraudster is long gone.
What you should know
Scammers may want you to pay them by direct bank transfer, not through the website. They entice you to do this by offering discounts for bank transfer payments. Don’t be tempted.
A scammer will often use photos of accommodation copied from other sites. Use Google Images to check where else an image has been used.
The scammer, or their advert, may claim that they belong to a legitimate trade body or consumer protection scheme, such as the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). Contact the body or scheme to check the person’s credentials.
Research the property yourself. See if it has its own website. Always try to call the owner of the property to confirm they know about your potential booking. If you can’t see a phone number, send an email asking for it.
Ask the Police
There is a large party going on next door, can the police do anything about it?
The police may attend incidents like this and can ask the organisers to take appropriate action to reduce the noise. However, the police have no powers of prosecution for noise offences, and it may be necessary for you to contact the Environmental Health Department at your local authority.
Your Policing Questions Answered
Contacting Essex Police
Digital 101 online reporting and live chat
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Essex Police - Colchester District
Essex Police - Colchester District
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