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Dispatch - Colchester Edition- Issue #2

Dispatch - Colchester Edition
Welcome to Dispatch - Colchester Edition.
We’d like to start with a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed and helped to spread the word about the Colchester Edition of Dispatch to their friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.
We’re passionate about supporting our community and are pleased to offer those who live, work or visit Colchester a convenient way to stay up to date with what has been happening across the district.
We welcome your feedback (good or bad!) so that we can make sure Dispatch - Colchester Edition remains useful and interesting to our readers.
We’d love you to join us on one of our patrols this summer (details are included in the newsletter). It’s a great chance for you to meet with local officers and raise the things which are causing you concern in your community. We can let you know about our local policing plans and how we can work with our local partners, like Colchester Borough Council, to solve these problems.
With temperatures set to increase this week, we want to remind everyone to stay safe, look after your animals (never leave your dog in a vehicle) and if you head out on the water please ensure you’re aware of the local bylaw and respect the water. You can find some water safety advice from our Marine Unit on our website.
Stay safe Colchester!
Brian and Dex.
Your Community Safety & Engagement Officers.

Local news 6 July - 12 July
Meet the officers responding to your emergency calls
Sgt Mark Thrower, PC Darin Patrick and MP Will Quince
Sgt Mark Thrower, PC Darin Patrick and MP Will Quince
MP Will Quince patrols with Town Centre Policing Team
On Saturday 9 July 2022 Colchester’s MP, Will Quince, joined our Town Centre Policing Team on patrol to see how we police Colchester at night.
We had the opportunity to demonstrate the positive relationships we have with staff at our licenced premises, Colchester Borough Council and charities such as Open Road and their SOS Bus.
After being out with the team on patrol Will Quince MP said:
“It’s brilliant to see our hard-working police officers in action fighting crime and keeping us safe.”
Essex Police in Colchester District
During a proactive drink drive operation on Mersea Island officers from the Community Policing Team couldn't help but enjoy the sunset #mersea #niceoffice #dontdrinkanddrive
Two jailed in drugs investigation
Amy Widdowson, 15, Batonbearer for Queen's Baton Relay 2002
Amy Widdowson, 15, Batonbearer for Queen's Baton Relay 2002
Congratulations to Colchester Cadet Amy Widdowson who, last Friday, 8 July, was the youngest Batonbearer to take part in the Queen’s Baton Relay ahead of the commonwealth games. Amy, who is 15 and joined Colchester Cadets last year, ran the 2KM route around Promenade Park, Maldon.
Batonbearers were chosen for their inspirational achievements or services to East of England Communities. Amy showed resilience and determination through illness and the challenges of lockdown, as well as continuing to volunteer with Colchester Cadets and help her community.
We are all so proud of Amy and delighted that she has chosen to be a Colchester Cadet. Well done Amy, an inspiration to us all.
Follow our Cadets on Twitter
Patrol your community with us
Special Constabulary make drugs arrests
A quantity of Class A drugs taken off of our street by the Special Constabulary.
A quantity of Class A drugs taken off of our street by the Special Constabulary.
On 7 July officers from our Special Constabulary were on patrol in Colchester when they noticed people in a vehicle appeared to be acting suspiciously.
They stopped the vehicle in Stanway and following initial conversations conducted a search. The officers found substances which they believed to be Class A drugs.
Three men were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a Class A drugs and have since been released under investigation while enquiries continue.
If you are interested in volunteering to keep your community safe you can read more about becoming a special constable on our website.
Find our more about policing in your area
Essex Police in Colchester District
Following a recent #strollwithapatrol in the New Town, Colchester residents were concerned about speeding on Wimpole Road. So officers from the Community Policing Team conducted a speed operation prior to their deployment in the town centre for night time economy #YouSaidWeDid
Community news
Advice and information on our website
Upcoming events
We host a number of events throughout the district where you can get to know some of the police officers and staff who protect and serve your community. Talk to us about the things that are causing you concern in your communities, get crime prevention advice or find out what we’re doing to tackle antisocial behaviour in your area. Whatever you would like to discuss about local policing, we’re here to listen and work with our local partners to resolve any issues.
Thu 14 Jul, 10-11am: Meet your local PCSO at Cessac Cafe, Army Welfare building, Fallowfield Road.
Thu 14 Jul, 10-11am: Coffee with a cop at Coffee Hog, William Harris Way
Tue 19 Jul, 10am-12pm: Coffee with a cop at Northern Gateway Sports Park
Thu 19 Jul, 11am-1pm: Coffee with a cop at Greenstead community centre
Fri 20 Jul, 1-3pm: Meet you local PCSO at Poplar nurseries, Marks Tey
Take a look at our Facebook page for details of our events, or head to the Your Area section of our website.
Please note events may be cancelled at short notice due to operational demands, details of which will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Crime prevention advice
Keep Your Home Secure
Crime prevention advice on our website
Be Fraud Smart
Many frauds start with a phishing email. Remember that banks and financial institutions will not send you an email asking you to click on a link and confirm your bank details. Do not trust such emails, even if they look genuine. You can always call your bank using the phone number on a genuine piece of correspondence, website (typed directly into the address bar) or the phone book to check if you’re not sure.
  • Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
  • Remember, email addresses and phone numbers can be spoofed, so don’t use those as a means to verify that a message or call is authentic.
  • The best way to get in touch with a company is to use a known email or phone number, such as the one on the back of your bank card.
Ask the Police
Is It Legal To Protest?
Under the Human Rights Act everybody has a freedom of expression and a freedom of thought and assembly. This means that everybody has a right to a peaceful protest and no restrictions shall be placed on this unless it is in the interests of national security, public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime or for the protection of health.
However, there are some offences that are commonly linked to protesting, these are:
Aggravated trespass
This offence is committed if a protestor or group of protestors trespasses on land and disrupts a lawful activity, intimidates a person engaged in lawful activity or tries to deter them from carrying out that lawful activity.
For example, if a group of protestors trespasses on land where genetically modified crops are being grown, whilst the farmer is on the land, then they commit the offence of aggravated trespass.
Penalty - imprisonment and/or fine.
Wilfully obstruct the highway
This offence is committed when there is an obstruction of the highway (the slowing down or stopping of vehicles). The obstruction must be wilful (not accidental) and there must be no lawful excuse for the obstruction. Lawful excuse would include express permission or situations where the obstruction is fleeting and limited in terms of space.
For example, if a group of taxi drivers are protesting over the price of petrol and are driving slow through a city centre during rush hour traffic.
Penalty - a fine only.
Trespassory assembly
This offence is committed when a notice pursuant to section 14 of the Public Order Act has been served on the organiser of an event and that person still goes ahead and organises the event, or when a person incites others to take part in the event, or when a person takes part in the event.
To serve such a notice, the senior police officer must believe that the event may result in serious public disorder, serious damage to property, disruption to community life or that the purpose of the event is to intimidate others into not doing an act they have a right to do, or into doing an act they have a right not to do.
Penalty - imprisonment and/or a fine.
Breach of the peace
This is a common law concept used by police officers to prevent unlawful violence against people or property. To commit a breach of the peace, harm must be done or be likely to be done to a person, or in his presence to his property. It can also be committed whenever a person is in fear of being harmed through an assault, affray, riot or any other disturbance.
For example a group of protestors have gathered in the middle of a town centre and are chanting and becoming very rowdy and abusive causing the shoppers to fear that they will be harmed in some way.
Penalty - to be bound over to keep the peace for a specified amount of time.
Prohibited activities in controlled areas
There are protest restrictions in the controlled areas of Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster. Peaceful demonstrations are allowed but the use of amplified noise equipment and the erection of tents is prohibited.
Penalty - a fine.
Your Policing Questions Answered
Contacting Essex Police
Digital 101 online reporting and live chat
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