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The Ent Newsletter #2 - v0.8.0 and updates

The Ent Newsletter
The Ent Newsletter
Hello Ent Community!
Welcome to our second newsletter issue! We have recently released v0.8.0 that has some cool improvements and wanted to share with you some interesting resources related to the project and the upcoming release.

News and Updates
The next release (~1 month from now) is going to be focused on adding support for ent schema-versioning, and the initial support for the new SQL schema migration. See a link to the proposal discussion below.
We want to take a moment to express the entire community’s appreciation for the amazing effort taken by all of our wonderful translators, you are awesome, thank you!
In addition, a special word of thanks to uta-mori, mattn, and ix64 who have taken the role of proofreaders in the translation effort, they will help to ensure the quality of the translation contributions from the community.
Top translators report from Crowdin, taken April 21st, 2021
Top translators report from Crowdin, taken April 21st, 2021
GitHub - a8m/enter: A CLI for generating ER diagrams for Ent schema
Proposals Under Discussion
proposal: add support for ent/schema versioning · Discussion #1487 · ent/ent · GitHub
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The Ent Newsletter
The Ent Newsletter

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