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September 28 · Issue #76 · View online
China Clean Energy Syndicate
President Xi’s announcement to halt coal-fired investment overseas might have occupied the headline last week. However, a bigger story is the severe power crunch that occurred again. While the nation eyes on multiplying everything “clean” in the next decade, establishing an effective market mechanism for clean investment remains a critical challenge.
Our picks of the critical updates last week:
  • Net-Zero: China announced to ban new coal-fired power investments overseas.
  • Renewables: An industry report estimates that China would add 400 GW of large-scale centralized wind and photovoltaic complexes.
  • Hydrogen: CNPC pledged to develop blue hydrogen and CCUS projects covering seven regions in the country. China’s first liquid hydrogen system and first pink hydrogen power-to-gas project are progressing as planned.
Please scroll down to check out the nine updates that we considered noteworthy last week.
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Net Zero Headlines
China to Stop Building New Coal Power Projects Overseas
Wind Power
China to Launch 400+GW Wind and Solar Complexes, Industry Report Shows
China's Third Floating Offshore Project is Progressing
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
First Liquefying System Developed by Chinese Company Makes its Debut
CNPC to Ramp Up Capacity in Blue Hydrogen
Another Hydrogen Metallurgy Project Cooperation Announced, between Delong and New Tianjin Steel
Nuclear Players Seek Power-to-Gas Cooperation
Energy Storage
The World’s First Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Power Station Connect to Grid
Electricity Headline
China Power Crunch Spreads, Shutting Factories and Dimming Growth Outlook
China Creates a Major Electricity Equipment Conglomerate by Merging State Grid Manufacturing Subsidiaries
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