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By Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg

Future Priorities of China's Clean Energy -the Energy Iceberg Syndicate 2022 Vol.1





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China Clean Energy Syndicate
A belated Happy New Year. We are finally back with our weekly update and analyses of the Chinese clean energy market, after some busy months launching a hydrogen database and a new subscription product. Thanks for your patience and ongoing support.
A lot to update in the past weeks–but we found the new article written by the head of the National Energy Administration is especially noteworthy. In the article, the NEA director pinpoints the future priorities of the Chinese clean energy market. Deepsea offshore wind, large-scale electrolysis, Heterojunction solar cells, and others are mentioned, despite the fact that some of these sectors were considered as immature for large-scale commercial development. 2022 could be an exciting year for these areas.
Other important updates of last week noteworthy:
  • Hydrogen: two more FCV industry demonstration application alliances approved, which means that “3+2” alliances involving 41 cities will work on hydrogen industry development with national funding.
  • Wind: Dongfang Electric quietly push ahead a 15+MW turbine part, while MYSE’s 11MW turbine won the first order
  • Electricity: the two grid companies’ 2022 and 14th FYP aggressive investment plans means a golden age for China’s ultra-high voltage grid construction
Please scroll down to check out the 8 updates that we considered noteworthy last week.
For those who do not know us: China Clean Energy Syndicate is a weekly news update project developed by Energy Iceberg. We also offer free analysis on China’s renewable, electricity market, hydrogen, and energy storage. The analytical articles are shared every fortnight. Check out our website to subscribe:

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Installed UHVs of SGCC
Installed UHVs of SGCC
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Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg
Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg @energyiceberg

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