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Fuel cell ships speed up; China's first H2 Liquefier Came to Light--China Clean Energy Syndicate





September 13 · Issue #74 · View online
China Clean Energy Syndicate
We have an interesting mix of news updates to share with you on China’s clean energy industry this week. Some of the highlights in our point of view:
  • Net-Zero: China kicked off the first green electricity trading; State Grid pledged to invest $350 Billion in upgrading the ultra-high voltage and other grid systems.
  • Renewables: Prices of China’s onshore wind turbines dropped to a historical low against the drastic market competition in the post zero subsidy era.
  • Hydrogen: hydrogen-fuelled ships and liquid hydrogen equipment are the two new areas attracting investment and witnessing more activities recently. Last week China Three Gorges launches its first fuel cell ship to be used in the three gorges dam, and SpaceChina announced the development of the first-of-its-kind hydrogen liquefier.
  • Energy Storage & Battery: China encourages private investment into the pumped hydrogen storage sector, of which the total installed capacity is expected to rise to 62GW and 120GW by 2025 and 2030–2X and 4X of the 2020 capacity.
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Net Zero Investment
China's Green Electricity Trading "Power-up"
State Grid Pledge $350 Billion New Investment on UHVs, Energy Storage
Wind Power
Wind Turbine Price Continues to hit Record Lows
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
A Review of China's New Energy Vehicle (NEVs) Subsidy, 1300+ Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) Have Received Funding
Sinopec Kicks off the First MW-size Power-to-Gas Project
Check out our Monthly Subscription on Green Hydrogen in China
Check out our Monthly Subscription on Green Hydrogen in China
China Speed Up the Industrialization of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ships
China Develops Liquid Hydrogen Equipment with Domestic IP
Energy Storage & Battery
LFP Battery Material Manufacturers Step up Capacity Expansion
Pumped Hydro Storage to 4X in 10 Years
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