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Floating Wind Huge Step Forward -- Energy Iceberg Syndicate 2022 Vol.14





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China Clean Energy Syndicate
The offshore wind market reached a significant milestone last week, as CSSC Haizhuang completed the assembly of China’s first floating turbine “Fuyao” in Guangdong. The development marks a major step of China’s renewable industry marching into the deep sea territory. 
The milestone came three years after CSSC launched the demonstration project and heralded the participation of more players getting into floating offshore wind. Last week, national oil company CNOOC also announced to start building a floater (to host a 7.5MW offshore turbine) in its fabrication yard. We might hear more floating projects to be announced soon.
We would like to highlight some key developments in China’s clean energy market:
  • Policy: it is no denying that the Chinese economy is facing some severe challenges. The authority hopes to change the downward development trajectory by boosting infrastructure and energy investment–large grid, renewable, and fossil fuel projects would benefit from the economic strategy.
  • Hydrogen: more details are revealed regarding China’s first green hydrogen metallurgy project developed by Mintal Group;
  • Renewable: distributed solar is the rising sector attracting investment; it is also noteworthy that local governments have started to push for mandatory energy storage construction for the distributed solar sector, which could provide huge market demand for lithium battery
Please scroll down to check out the eight updates that we considered noteworthy last week.
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China's First Floating Turbine Deployed for Deep Sea Sailed off
Design Concept
Design Concept
Hydrogen Storage & Fuel Cells
EV & Battery
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Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg
Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg @energyiceberg

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