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Energy Storage, The Hottest Market - Energy Iceberg Syndicate 2022 Vol.23

China Clean Energy Syndicate
The robust growth of the energy storage market, supported by a series of policies and China’s aggressive renewable expansion plan, has caught many’s attention.
Last week the energy regulators announced to scrape the grid transmission cost and surcharges for stand-alone energy storage business, another policymaking move to spur new businesses in the area.
It is clear that “shared energy storage,” “stand-alone storage,” and different innovative storage tech pilots will be the main characters of the energy market in 2022.
Check out our translation of the new policy. And besides that, some other interesting analyses to note:
  • Green Hydrogen: a local consultancy made a bullish estimation that China could have 165 billion Nm3/h green hydrogen capacity by 2030. Please note that we do not agree with some of the assumptions in the analysis. However, we do believe that renewable capacity provides a solid ground for power-to-gas development in China.
  • Renewable & Energy Investment: the environment regulatory announced to loosen one of the key criteria in the EIA approval for solar, onshore wind, part of the coal mining, and other industrial projects. “Investment First.”
Please scroll down to check out the updates that we considered noteworthy last week.
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CNPC's Petrochemical, Hydrogen, and Biomass 2025, 2035, 2050 Targets
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Energy Storage
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Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg
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