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China Clean Energy Syndicate
The emphasis on “coal consumption” has been growingly strong in China. Last week, the Vice-Premier Han Zheng’s speech in Bo'ao re-adopted the phase “prioritizing coal” (以煤为主,) reflecting Beijing’s changing strategy in developing clean energy.
Last year, several top-level authorities’ speeches heralded Bejing’s intention to tune down coal-curbing efforts against a background of global fossil-fuel supply shortage. Indeed China would continue expanding its green energy footprint, but the strategy shift provides larger space for the coal sector and the clean-coal technology to survive.
Besides the “major at coal” rhetoric, we would like to highlight other updates that signal new trends in the clean energy market in China:
  • Hydrogen: another giant industrial player- in this case, SPIC- announced investment related to the hydrogen-ammonia nexus; meanwhile, local media summary shows that 1/3 of new hydrogen projects announced in 2022Q1 are green hydrogen projects.
  • Renewable: current local government plannings point to 620GW renewable capacity to be added between 2021-2025; turbine price has dropped to a record low and gradually stabilize; CWEA announced 2021 wind market rankings
  • Energy Storage: a first-of-this-kind cryogenic liquid air energy storage project starts construction in China; the sodium-ion battery has attracted a dozen of companies’ investments in the past few months
Please scroll down to check out the ten updates that we considered noteworthy last week.
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CWEA Wind Turbine OEM Ranking 2021
CWEA Wind Turbine OEM Ranking 2021
The Breakdown of 23 Provincial Targets for Wind and Solar (or Renewable)
The Breakdown of 23 Provincial Targets for Wind and Solar (or Renewable)
Hydrogen Storage & Fuel Cells
By the end of March, China has over 120 renewable hydrogen projects under development, as Energy Iceberg’s unique green hydrogen research found.
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Battery & Energy Storage
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Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg
Yuki Yu @ Energy Iceberg @energyiceberg

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