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⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "New Sensation" Edition (#111)

⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "New Sensation" Edition (#111)
By James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd • Issue #111 • View online
My mission: move the conversation around employer brand forward.

Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
In this issue
  • Never the same brand twice
  • The Great Resignation should change your brand
  • Getting culture right
  • Fixing the hiring process
The big idea
“We made the world we’re living in and we have to make it over.” - James Baldwin
When you come into a company “owning” the brand, it’s easy to think that your job is to identify the brand and communicate to the world.
You focus on establishing the brand. You roadshow the brand (and your plans for it). you build metrics and dashboards around it.
But you can only do those things if your brand is static. And it isn’t. Every new hire (and lost employee) changes the brand. Every new office changes the brand. Every new product release changes the brand. Every new consumer campaign launch changes the brand. Every new leader changes the brand. Every change in stock price changes the brand. Every investment (and subsequent press release) changes the brand.
Your brand is made and remade every single day.
Your brand is never the same brand twice. You can’t rely on yesterday’s plays to extend the brand today.
So start getting good at inventing and evaluating tactics and ideas fast to find those new opportunities.
Take This Employer Brand and Sh#*%ve Change It
Driving Transformation by Understanding Your Customers
Building a Stellar Employee Branding Strategy
10 Things Your Corporate Culture Needs to Get Right
Narrating the discussion
What Your Candidates Say About Your Hiring Process (and How to Fix It)
The Secret Behind Successful Corporate Transformations
The Problem With Certainty
3 Best Ways to Measure Employee Experience
Tips and tricks for shooting, editing and producing videos from home
Inside the fortune cookie
If everyone gets it, it’s probably not good enough. - Lee Clow’s Beard
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INXS - New Sensation
INXS - New Sensation
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