⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "Like the Weather" Edition (#110)

⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "Like the Weather" Edition (#110)
By James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd • Issue #110 • View online
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Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
In this issue
  • Feel the tension?
  • Multiple brands?
  • The great resignation opportunity
  • Work changes the system
The big idea
Let’s make something clear: your job is to create change.
You change how your company recruits.
You change the story your company tells prospects and employees.
You change your brand position.
You change the metrics.
You change the process.
It’s just a lot of change.
And what everyone knows is that change is hard. Most people would rather do… almost anything else than change.
And when your job is to create change (especially among those who don’t want to change), you have to get comfortable with tension.
The connection between change and tension isn’t tenuous. It’s a direct one-to-one connection. Creating change is creating tension. The connection is so strong you can use the tension as a barometer for the change you’re trying to create. If you don’t feel tension, you’re not creating change. You’re not doing your job.
This doesn’t mean you should be an asshole. It means you should be looking to create tension by asking how to push the brand farther, asking tough questions about if you should publish the vaccination policy on your jobs or if it’s time to post salaries next to the titles.
Creating change isn’t easy, but it is important. So get good at tension.
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Three sides of the same story
Work is a SYSTEM. When you change one part of the system, all the other parts react/change in order to make up gaps. So when you decide “we’re all remote” that change comes with a million other changes. And given how over-optimized we had all gotten 2 years ago to a “8-10 hours in an office” world, everything is changing.
The trouble is: we’re trying to limit change. We’re remote? Get on Teams/Slack/Whatsapp. Suddenly, we’re besieged by incoming ‘dings’ for our attention. (Now that Slack has Salesforce $ and advertises on TV, does anyone else have a pavlovian response to the “Slack alert” sound they play in the commercial? I wonder if they realize it makes their 12 million users instinctively anxious?)
You can’t change one part, you have to be ready to change it all. Why does that matter? Because the company that embraces that idea and tells that story (not just the “looking through a drinking straw” story of “they shut the office down for a week because we were all burned out” story, because the moral of that story is that the company managed to burn everyone out, but the bigger “we re-thought everything” story) is going to be at the forefront of the best companies to work for.
Inside the fortune cookie
Strategy is the art of staying one step ahead of the need to be efficient. -Jules Goddard
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-James Ellis (LinkedIn | Twitter | Podcast | Articles)
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10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather
10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather
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