⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "Finest Worksong" Edition (#108)

⚡ Employer Brand Headlines: The "Finest Worksong" Edition (#108)
By James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd • Issue #108 • View online
My mission: move the conversation around employer brand forward.

Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
Employer Brand Headlines, brought to you by James Ellis
In this issue
  • Recruiting thinks too small
  • Do you belong?
  • Connecting your brand to purpose
  • Taking audio seriously
The big idea
How you see a problem determines the solution.
If you see “traffic” of a problem of too little road space for cars, the solution can only be to build more lanes onto the roads.
If you see the problem as “how do we increase the number of people who can travel on a road at one time?” the solution starts to involve trains, buses, and bikes.
And if you see the problem as “how do we make everyone’s commute easier and smoother?” maybe the solution is hybrid/WFH models and more strongly-staggered business start times.
Those three problems are effectively the same, but how you frame and state the problem establishes what the solution can be.
It’s not academic. In talent acquisition, the issue is even more clear. Ask sourcers what will help them recruit better and faster, and the answer is always “more tech and tools!” Ask the same question to recruiters and the answer is always “we need more bodies!”
And if you see the problem of attracting and hiring great talent through TA’s lens, the solution will be to add more lanes. Have you ever heard someone in TA say,“ we need less technology, it gets in our way!” or “There are too many people on this team: we can’t get anything done!” Of course not. From a recruiting lens, this is a recruiting problem, and thus you only see recruiting solutions.
But there are other ways to see the problem.
In fact, if you stop thinking of TA as the place where recruiters find people and instead as the team that connects our strategy and culture to complete strangers in a compelling way, shepherding them through a complex process they don’t 100% understand, all sorts of different solutions present themselves.
What can the business be doing to engage talent?
What can the hiring managers be doing to ensure great candidates feel that the interview process is more collaborative than combative?
How can we be more clear on what we offer and the kinds of people who will find success here (and who won’t)?
When you stop framing “recruiting” as a TA problem, you see it as a business problem. And that means there are a LOT more ways (and resources) to solve a business problem.
A sense of belonging is what drives well-being—and it’s disappearing
Behind every great merger, there’s a great merger branding strategy
How Brands Can Put Purpose at the Heart of Their Marketing Strategy
Social Audio Branding – Setting the Stage for Sound Strategy
Amazon's Formula For Asymmetric Competition
What you're getting wrong about burnout
Quick hits
Inside the fortune cookie
“Asking for feedback creates a critic. Asking for advice creates a partner.” - Shane Parrish
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-James Ellis (LinkedIn | Twitter | Podcast | Articles)
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R.E.M. - Finest Worksong
R.E.M. - Finest Worksong
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James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd
By James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

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