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By Ana Paula Picasso from Emerging Markets Today

All about #innovation, #tech, #startups, #socialmedia and #fintech in #emergingmarkets. Listen to our podcast here: https://t.co/WRUrdHtzy2

All about #innovation, #tech, #startups, #socialmedia and #fintech in #emergingmarkets. Listen to our podcast here: https://t.co/WRUrdHtzy2

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Hey, let's catch up with Emerging Markets Today

In March, on the podcast, we had Alexandre Lemille, a circular economy expert advocating for a more socially inclusive circular economy. We talked about regenerative societies and its meaning and why Alexandre believes that emerging markets can leapfrog from …


🌍 Did you know that malaria kills over 400,000 people per year globally?

Let’s keep EMT ad-free: Help us by donating any amount via Paypal or Cryptocurrencies directly on the site or using this link https://ko-fi.com/apicasso.Just click reply in this email if you have any content suggestions, podcast guest recommendations, or any …


🎉Let's celebrate 10 episodes of the EMT podcast!

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I didn't want you to miss this out!

Hi EMT friend, it's Ana Paula Picasso here!I didn't want you to miss out this new EMT podcast episode, that's why I'm sending this newsletter a little out of schedule. Check it out below!The EMT RoundUp is always out on the second Friday of the month, packed …


🌍 Africa: Beyond Frontier Markets - September 2021

We all read big headlines about African tech startups getting millions of dollars in funding but what seems like good news for the continent, the reality is not as bright as it seems.To talk about the African startup scene I invited entrepreneur and podcaster…


👋 Podcasts and Emerging Markets - August 2021

This month's show focused on how microfinance is helping Brazil's unbanked and underbanked communities.I had a chat with Taynah Reis, a fellow Brazilian and the founder of MoedaSeeds, a fintech that provides financing to entrepreneurs in underserved areas. Th…