Emerging Market Quotables - June 5, 2017






Emerging Market Quotables

June 5 · Issue #3 · View online

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Greece Offers Opportunities For Investors Willing to Take Risks (FT)
Puerto Rican Exodus Is Speeding the Island’s Economic Collapse (Bloomberg)
Venezuelan Opposition Threatens Country Won’t Pay Goldman Sachs’ $2.8B Bond Deal (CNBC)
South Korea Learns Not to Annoy China as Their Tourist Numbers Fall (CNN Money)
How China’s Middle Classes Move Their Money Abroad (SCMP)
China Consumer Confidence Index Reaches Highest Level in Two Years (Nielsen)
China’s Seniors Will Reshape the World (Bloomberg)
Behind China’s $1 Trillion Plan to Shake Up the Economic Order (Independent)
How Does Tencent Compare With World’s Tech Titans? (Forbes)
Recent Moody's Rating Actions on Greater China
Moody’s Downgrades China’s But Changes Outlook to Stable From Negative (Moody’s)
Are China’s Hidden Liabilities Behind Moody’s Ratings Downgrade? (Fiscal Times)
Moody’s Changes Macau’s Outlook to Stable From Negative (Moody’s)
Moody’s Downgrades Hong Kong’s Rating to Aa2 From Aa1; Raises Outlook to Stable from Negative (Moody’s)
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