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Emerald Peak Newsletter
Emerald Peak Newsletter - Issue #57
By Emerald Peak Newsletter • Issue #57 • View online
July 28 2022 was Earth Overshoot Day which marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year.
Two countries (Qatar and Luxembourg) already overshoot in February! While only 3 countries manage to make it into December (Indonesia, Ecuador and Jamaica).

‘It’s plunder’: Mexico desperate for water while drinks companies use billions of litres
Pope Francis, Slowed by Aging, Finds Lessons in Frailty
Cut Off Private Equity’s Money Spigot
Why Rotterdam Wouldn’t Allow a Bridge to Be Dismantled for Bezos’ Yacht
Roomba, Amazon Astro, and the future of home robots
Guatemala’s flying stick dance – in pictures
Photos: Five Months of War in Ukraine
Elizabeth II bids a regal farewell to Boris Johnson.
Elizabeth II bids a regal farewell to Boris Johnson.
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