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Saturday Scribblings of Martin Sketchley - Issue #9

Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Hello all and welcome to our ninth issue of Saturday Scribblings. I was able to meet a fellow student that I had taught over the summer period - it was so nice meeting him face-to-face but also rather strange. I wonder if you have been able to meet your online students face-to-face.
In this issue, we will look at some videos worth watching, blog posts to read, books that you should consider getting as well as recent news.

Meeting my online student.
Meeting my online student.
Videos Worth Watching
The first video that I am sharing is one where I outlined five reasons to do the online CELTA course. If you are considering doing an online TEFL course, you can’t go wrong with an online CELTA course.
Five Reasons Why You Should Do An Online CELTA Course
Five Reasons Why You Should Do An Online CELTA Course
The next video that I am sharing is of Christian. His YouTube Channel has been a little quiet but I was so surprised to see him return with a new video after such a long break. When making videos on YouTube, you need to take time off as it can get a bit too much. Thank you Christian for your return - I look forward to watching more videos!
Learning is useless.
Learning is useless.
Books Worth Reading
This week, I decided to focus on the teaching of IELTS and some useful books which I have used in the past. I hope you enjoy this selection.
How to Teach Listening
Grammar for English Language Teachers
Blog Posts Worth Reading
The first blog post that I am sharing is about going viral as an English teacher or educator. It is an invaluable read and an insight at how things could turn as an educator/tutor. The second blog post that I am sharing includes lesson material for those involved in remote or Zoom lessons with language or vocabulary related to this.
What I learnt from going viral as an ESL teacher (and how you can, too) - Gallery Teachers
Zoom vocabulary checking/ clarifying practice and presentation | TEFLtastic
Online CELTA Course Opportunity
Online CELTA Course - Education & Training International
Recent News
Professionals turn to TEFL career following global pandemic - Deadline News
Is Tefl a springboard to getting other jobs? | Work & careers | The Guardian
Thank you for reading this issue of Saturday’s Scribblings and feel free to share some links, blog posts or books which could be included in next week’s issue.
Take care all and happy teaching!
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Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley @eltexperiences

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