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Saturday Scribblings of Martin Sketchley - Issue #8

Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Hello all and welcome to our eighth issue of Saturday Scribblings. This week was difficult as the number of lessons that I had been teaching dropped and it affected my earnings. I tried my hand at doing some delivery work on Tuesday and finished promptly in the evening.
When I returned to do some more delivery work on Thursday, I was greeted to some general chaos at the depot. I dropped off some collections, returned to my car, and then went back home. I opened up my availability with Preply and lowered my rate even further to ensure that I had some more private students.

Martin Sketchley
Despite me absolutely loving teaching and helping thousands of students over the past 15 years, I’ve now had to start working as a delivery driver over the winter months.
It hasn’t been easy the past week and my mental health has taken a battering but I would like to thank everyone on Twitter for sharing their support and offering more opportunities for teaching. I really value everyone who took the time to console me during that time.
I now feel much better and have started more teaching more private students.
Videos Worth Watching
This week, I am sharing a new video which I created in relation to the book ‘IELTS Academic Reading Practice’ by Peter Clements and Paul Murphy. I decided to record myself using the book with one of my private students - thank you Natalia - so you can see how the book could be used in an online or physical environment.
'IELTS Academic Reading Practice': Unedited and Unscripted Online Lesson
'IELTS Academic Reading Practice': Unedited and Unscripted Online Lesson
The next video is my weekly livestream - we are now Episode 5 of Teacher Talking Time. It would be great if you could join us on Monday at 1pm (UK time). Don’t forget the clocks go back tomorrow!
Teacher Talking Time Episode 5 | Mondays at 1pm BST
Teacher Talking Time Episode 5 | Mondays at 1pm BST
Books Worth Reading
This week, I decided to focus on the teaching of IELTS and some useful books which I have used in the past. I hope you enjoy this selection.
Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS
Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate
Blog Posts Worth Reading
This week’s blog posts include popular TED Talks from English with Jennifer and a post about Culture. I have always been fascinated by ‘culture’ and the differences which exist between borders and society, so the post about culture is something that is great to share with others.
Tried and True Tasks for TED Talks – English with Jennifer
Terms Related to Culture | educational research techniques
Online CELTA Course Opportunity
Online CELTA Course - Education & Training International
Recent News
‘My students never knew’: the lecturer who lived in a tent | Universities | The Guardian
TEFL After Covid-19: Where To From Here? - The TEFL Academy Blog The TEFL Academy
Thank you for reading this issue of Saturday’s Scribblings and feel free to share some links, blog posts or books which could be included in next week’s issue.
Take care all and happy teaching!
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Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley @eltexperiences

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