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Saturday Scribblings of Martin Sketchley - Issue #6

Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Hello and welcome to the Sixth Issue of Saturday Scribblings. I hope you had a productive week. This week, I had the chance to teach a student with the IELTS Academic Reading Practice by Clements and Murphy. I also had a chance to record the lesson, so shall be sharing a video review of the book very soon.
In this week’s Scribblings, I shall be sharing some English teaching related videos, a few blog posts and some teaching news.

Videos Worth Watching
In this week’s newsletter, I am sharing one of my videos from over 5 years ago. When I made this video, I delivered a workshop about teaching young learners and shared some tips. It was in preparation for the annual summer schools and to help teachers with their lessons and engaging learners.
Top Tips for Young Learner Teachers:  Teacher Training Workshop
Top Tips for Young Learner Teachers: Teacher Training Workshop
The next video that I am sharing is to help those of us that are involved with online teaching and first lessons. Eric here shares ten icebreakers that you could include with your online lessons.
10 Icebreakers for Online Class
10 Icebreakers for Online Class
Books That I Am Reading
IELTS Academic Reading Practice: Student Book
Mark Hancock’s 50 Tips for Teaching Pronunciation Pocket Editions
Blog Posts That I Have Read
Jo Gakonga is organising an eight week course for teachers in relation to video creation. There is more information about the course in the link below. If you are unfamiliar with Jo, her website has a variety of courses for those preparing or undertaking the CELTA course.
Introduction to VoiCE - Video Creation for Educators
The second post is a lesson plan that Peter Clements has created about a burger that has not seen the light of day for over twenty years. Check out his lesson on the blog post below.
Daily Dose of Internet #7 – ELT Planning
Recent News
Top 10 don'ts for wannabe teacher bloggers | Career advice | The Guardian
Teachers on Twitter: why you should join and how to get started | Teacher Network | The Guardian
Thank You!
Thanks for reading this issue of Saturday Scribblings. If you wish to get in touch or feel that something should be included in a future newsletter send a quick email.
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Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley
Weekly newsletter of Martin Sketchley @eltexperiences

I share recent videos, blog posts and other articles related to English teaching.

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