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By Elsie Escobar

Glowing fragments that evade grasp. Welcome to my brain 💙 My latest obsessions about anything & everything, podcasting, health, tech, software, books, shows, products, food, workflows, make-up, whatever is bringing me joy or ponderation ❇️

Glowing fragments that evade grasp. Welcome to my brain 💙 My latest obsessions about anything & everything, podcasting, health, tech, software, books, shows, products, food, workflows, make-up, whatever is bringing me joy or ponderation ❇️

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E.E.E. Volume 32

This episode of The Enthusiasm EnthusiastWoah. Powerful. A conversation. Please listen.


E.E.E. Volume 31

Staying on the Body Thrive train, one of the habits Cate talks about is “Start the day right.”“Once you’re up and at ’em, sip or guzzle about a quart of water, between room temperature and tea-water hot. The purpose of this water is to flush your inner toilet…


E.E.E. Volume 30

I’m currently recording an audiobook. The book is by one of my BFFs/mentor/teacher Cate Stillman. The book, Body Thrive. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.She offers 10 habits - 10 habits to implement in your life + the why they are so very important.Cate keeps it simple and…


E.E.E. Volume 29

Meet Gandalf The Gray, or as my hubby puts it:“Gandalf The GreyGandalf GreyhameGandalf StormcrowWith kung fu ladder rack.”Yeay! The family is MOBILE. Possibilities are once again clear. At this point in time, all is well, and it feels good!


E.E.E. Volume 28

I know it’s TOTALLY local, but goodness gracious guys, I adore the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.When we lived in Pittsburgh, I LIVED in the Natural History Museum. In fact, it was the only place that I felt free and spacious when I was a new Mom. My baby Hu…


E.E.E. Volume 27

I have re-discovered music! That’s a total side effect of Verizon opening up their unlimited data plans 👊🏽 YASSSS!I’ve got some super killer music that I’m obsessed with, but before I share specifics with you today, I must share how easy it was to dive in to …


E.E.E. Volume 26

OMG!!!dot grid sticky NOOOOOOOOTES!!!!! I mean c'mon. I don’t even know what to say. HOW. COOL. ARE. THESE?And on THAT note. Check out this notebook.


E. E. E. Volume 25

Needless to say, this whole week has been a week of adjustment, realignment and reconnection. The entirety of our summer plans are currently being altered and a lot of decisions are being made.Fortunately our little family is pretty darn resilient, and althou…


E.E.E. Volume 24

I wrote a Drabble!!!Do you guys know about Drabbles? I will let Kris Dersch tell you all about it in this a little over two minute audio. CLICK HERE IT’S SOOO FUN!Kris is the host of the No Extra Words podcast. Her podcast is all about flash fiction but beyon…


E.E.E. Volume 23

When working with my E-Leaguers, I do a pretty in-depth online brand audit. I dive into all things website and social media presence from the podcast listener point of view.I spend a lot of time on their websites and take tons of screenshots.Currently, I use …


E. E. E. Volume 22

I’ll be honest. I wanted the green ones. SOOOO CUTE! But they didn’t have my size and I wasn’t gonna use that as an excuse!And speaking of POWERFUL!!! I cannot wait to go watch Wonder Woman!!! OMGosh. OMGosh. OMGosh!


E. E. E. Volume 21

Regular ‘ol sunscreens are really horrible for the environment, let alone for your skin. For the most part, I tend to keep my commitment to using organics to myself, but when it comes to sunscreen, I feel the more informed, the better, for all of us, but most…


E.E.E. Volume 20

I have a couple of other things to share with you, and they are not quite as sad, I promise!


E. E. E. Volume 19

That I can resonate with. I would love to be able to get together and support mothers or A mother that feels alone, unsupported and disconnected, without expectations that she needs to feel a certain way. It would do wonders for all of us! To wrap it all up f…


E. E. E. Volume 18

LOVE it. It's Lolita II.I’m not a fan of lipsticks very much, and I’ve never gotten this type of lipstick at all. It’s kinda dry and sorta gets all sucked into your lips BUT it also doesn’t smear at all, and before I apply it I put lip balm on, so I’m good wi…


E.E.E. Volume 17

This lady. She’s SO darn CREATIVE! And her work in audio is top notch. This episode is 6 minutes. 6 MINUTES. And it’s brilliant. I look forward to great things from her! Jen is stellar.I’m so weird…but I must share the oddities…Ok, so I’ve been diving into th…


E. E. E. Volume 16

I took my first step after coming back from Podfest. I hired Natalie Eckdahl for a business consult. She knows me. I know her work. I also know the type of business coach she is. She is all business. And that’s what I needed. Jess and I call her ‘The Hammer’.…


E. E. E. Volume 15

Here’s the WHY of these shoes: I love comfy shoes. Usually, comfy shoes are not ‘also’ cute. They tend to be tolerably nice (aka ugly), mainly because you see them all the time and your opinion starts to waiver, like Birkenstocks or Crocs.Those two brands of …


E.E.E Volume 14

There is so much to go off about this chakra but I won't 😍


E. E. E. Volume 13

Staying on the productivity conversation, the first thing that I needed to do was get a clear understanding of what I do, how long things take me, and the reality of what I am spending my time on.I needed a tool that could:Track timeSupport multiple projectsB…