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E.E.E. Volume 8

I did it! In truth, Jess and I (my co-host and partner in crime for She Podcasts did it). We once aga
E.E.E. Volume 8
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #8 • View online
I did it!
In truth, Jess and I (my co-host and partner in crime for She Podcasts did it). We once again delivered a powerful event!
It was awesome. Here’s a picture of us, just because OMGWEAREDONE.
And….are you proud of me that I got this out even though I’m still at Podfest? Dude. I’m patting myself on the back.
And on to other excitement 😜

Coco Natura | Nature's Finest Products
I had so missed Maisie Dobbs
WHAT? You don’t know Maisie Dobbs Psychologist and Investigator? No. Way.
You know that whole *describe yourself in 3 fictional characters* meme? 
Well. Maisie is one of my three characters. I so wanna be HER and adore who she is and man, her story, her mysteries, her world, is *sigh*, such an incredible experience/escape for me.
I relate to her so very much.
Book 1 begins in 1910 and I just finished reading the last released book of the series which takes place in 1938. SO GOOD! (that’s the cover of it above.)
The amazing Jacqueline Winspear will be releasing the newest installment in March! I CANNOT WAIT!
OH! And I adore the narrator Orlagh Cassidy. Her voice is so delicious. 
You guys. This documentary! Wow. All. The. Feels. We saw the first draft of the documentary last night. The passion and power of podcasting is front and center. Such amazingness. I cannot wait for this to be fully released and out for everyone to watch. Sign up to know when it’s live, because, man oh man…It’s the heart and soul of podcasting! So proud! 
Wrapping it up
I’m a little bit bummed that my girls got a chance to go the beach for THE FIRST TIME and I had to be at the conference…I won’t lie. That’s a big deal, and something I won’t get back 😪 but being able to connect with podcasters and friends has been such a pleasure, deeply thankful for that😍
I’ll chat with you next week! Hope you’re doing well! 
Big love,
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