E.E.E. Volume 7

I'm headed to Podfusion in a few days! Holy cats. I'm nervous as all get out. And excited. And everyt
E.E.E. Volume 7
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #7
I’m headed to Podfusion in a few days! Holy cats. I’m nervous as all get out. And excited. And everything in between.

How Silence Rewires Your Brain to Make You More Intelligent - The Power of Ideas
As a way to remember…since while I’m at Podfusion/Podfest this is probably NOT going to be the case, but goodness me, I will be ready by the time I come home.
Truth be told, I have a dream of creating an immersive experience that’s surrounded by silence in the midst of other digital media creation + yoga fun. If I ever decide to go for it, I’ll let you know. It’s been something that’s been nagging at me for a while.
How I Got My Attention Back – Backchannel
Attention is a muscle. It must be exercised. Though, attention is duplicitous — it doesn’t feel like a muscle. And exercising it doesn’t result in an appreciably healthier looking body. But it does result in a sense of grounding, feeling rational, control of your emotions — a healthy mind.
On the same theme as above. I’ve been immensely curious about my own brain, my habits, my compulsions and how they are helped/hurt by technology or online life. I’m interested in the conversation. The above article is a 14 min read. That’s A LONG time for a lot of us. Crazy how we don’t have time 😜 let’s see who takes the time to read.
Elo - Assistant for small businesses
This is so cool! Have you seen this? When I was teaching yoga full time, I would have loved to do this! Looks like an easy way to schedule stuff via Facebook. Any service providers out there? Maybe this will help!
And onward
This upcoming week will be full of travel and adventure. May we all be safe. May the experience for the family be grand. May the gathering of podcasters in Florida fuel this medium to continue to empower the voices that need to be heard.
Big love from me to you,

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