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E.E.E. Volume 5

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
 I asked, “Why have I received only this?” A voice replied, “ Only this will lead you to That.”~ Rumi
And I will leave you with that.


All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Immigration and Xenophobia in History — ReConsider Media
Maria's Story
And on that note 😜 It’s my BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY! 
I love my birthday, although I’m not too proud of the number I’m turning this year.
It’s the first year that I’m feeling really weird about sharing my age, and it has nothing to do with feeling ashamed of my age.
It seems like the answer to ‘how old are you?’ this year has somehow become blasphemous. 
I cannot wait until I am one year older ALREADY!
Hope you have the best week that you possibly can. I certainly will go all in, living as fully as I can.
Big love,
PS. I did an interview for Your Worst Interview Ever and he got me to talk about immigrant experience of all thing! So weird! I’ve never talked about this in a podcast before. And I was also featured on the Strong Body, Whole Heart podcast chatting about how my yoga practice has changed now that I’m *cough* middle-aged 😜
PPS. Jess and I met up and crafted what we’re doing for Podfusion. I so wish you’d be there! If you can swing it, we’d love it. 
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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