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E. E. E. Volume 4

This week it's been like this (note the image below). That pic is from a library book that I borrowed
E. E. E. Volume 4
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #4 • View online
This week it’s been like this (note the image below). That pic is from a library book that I borrowed for my 5 year old to study her letters..we have not read it yet. As I handled the book, it opened up to that specific page and I was like OMG that’s perfect! What an applicable image, for all kinds of stuff. It might be relevant to you as well 😜 For me, it incapsulates life with my Mae Mae, and so much more.

Can you relate?
Can you relate?
Elsie loves
Harry Potter and the Real-life Weasley Clock - Raspberry Pi
In My Ears
Supertop Blog: Beard-forming Microphones
The random excitement
FishTaco can analyze your microbiome before or after you eat a fish taco  |  TechCrunch
My cold is gone! Yeay!
Have been preparing for Podfusion like crazy 😳 truth be told, I have a bazillion butterflies in my tummy. So much to do! 
If you are in Florida on the 3rd week of February, do come on by. It’s gonna be pretty fantabulous. Use the code shepodcasts to save some cash, the savings will be gone by February!
And OHGOSH! February is next week! Yahoo 🎉 It’s my birthday month. Happy new month this week 💙 and see you next week!
Big love,
PS: Two places to find me this week: She Podcasts episode 127 The Aftermath and The Feed episode 88 Destinations and Syndicated Media.

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