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E.E.E. Volume 30

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
Happy Day! It’s rainy over here, and 55 F *gulp*
Sweatshirt time 😊

I’m currently recording an audiobook. The book is by one of my BFFs/mentor/teacher Cate Stillman. The book, Body Thrive.
She offers 10 habits - 10 habits to implement in your life + the why they are so very important.
Cate keeps it simple and very doable. In addition to adding the why, she also gives some fantastic key tips to habit creation.
I’ve been having a great time voicing this book. It would be awesome if you went to get it now!
Here’s the thing, this type of book is not a read once kinda book. It’s a read over and over again, and as you do, you get to slowly implement all the different habits.
It serves as inspiration to keep moving forward. It’s a wonderful reminder to chose to thrive in your body, mind and overall living.
That means, that when the audio book is released, it will serve to cement the choices that you’ve made! Yeay!
When I come to Pittsburgh I get to binge watch Netflix. I don’t have that luxury in NC (bandwidth issues remember?)
My current binge is the show ‘The Dr. Blake Mysteries’. It’s an Australian TV series, with a Dr. as it’s lead. What I love about it are the strong women characters involved.
It’s not a mind blowing show, and it has some character story-line issues the have left me a bit confused, but all in all, it’s been an enjoyable experience.
There have been a couple of scenes on Season 1 between the Doctor and his housekeeper that BLEW MY MIND acting wise. Wow. Just their faces. Phenomenal.
I just started Season 2. 
I must finish with some sparkle!
These pens. OMGosh. I mean c’mon.
When I first started Bullet Journaling I wanted sparkly pretty things to keep me company, and of COURSE I had to get these!
I have since graduated to different ink and tip, so my sparkly ones don’t get as much time with me at all, that said, I will be inserting different ink in my current pens so that I can totally use them!
They are super pretty, and I feel so very fancy writing with these.
There’s nothing like writing with sparkles to pick up your mood when you’re feeling less than glittery 😜
Have a lovely end to your July, and looking forward to catching up with you in August! Holy cow!!!
Giant love,
PS. If you’re a WoC and wanna work intimately with me for The E-League, get your application going. I want the Fall session which starts on September 11 to be powerful magic. Apply here, even though the application is for the Winter Session of The E-League. Getting a special landing page for that is one of my number one to-dos after Body Thrive is done! If you have any Qs about The E-League, feel free to book 15 min with me!
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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