E.E.E. Volume 29



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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
I bought my ticket to L.A.!!!!
I have not been back in over 10 years! Not nearly enough time over there, but you know what - just enough so much.
More of that to come, I’m sure 😊
Hey, at least I get to go! And goodness me…friends, family, and an induction into the Podcasters Hall of Fame! I’m getting nervous, although I have a gorgeous dress and killer shoes 😜
This week has a lot of momentum, starting with…

Yeay! New van!
Yeay! New van!
Meet Gandalf The Gray, or as my hubby puts it:
“Gandalf The Grey
Gandalf Greyhame
Gandalf Stormcrow
With kung fu ladder rack.”
Yeay! The family is MOBILE. Possibilities are once again clear. At this point in time, all is well, and it feels good!
Advanced TV Herstory
Meet one of the ladies of the E-League. I about had a heart attack when I found out what Cynthia Bemis Abrams’s podcast was about. I found the title compelling: Advanced TV Herstory.
So of course, during the application process to The E-League, I dove in, because, well that’s what I do! AND wow. I was thrilled.
Cynthia attacks her podcast with a deep passion and an insane amount of knowledge about TV and female characters in the medium.
She positions her discussion from a historical, social and cultural perspective, sprinkled with fun and entertainment. 
I really feel this podcast needs to be a university course. Hands down.
There is so much to talk about, and using women on TV as a stepping stone for intelligent, impactful conversation? C’mon! No brainer.
LISTEN. You’ll be hooked. She recently covered female reporters on TV during Watergate and Cagney and Lacey. #WorldClassPodcaster
Finishing off with Bartender!
This is a tiny little application for Mac.
You know when you have a MacBook and you start to run out of room on your menu bar? 
Well, this is the coolest thing ever! You can have as many menu bar apps as you want and you totally won’t run out of room! Essentially it gives you a little drawer to put the extra ones away. LOVE IT.
Let me know if you use it or if you get it. Everytime that I look in my Bartender drawer I think, I love this little app. I’ve been meaning to share it with you 😁
I do hope you have a lovely weekend. I know we will be giving Gandalf The Gray a run for its money and being effusively thankful 🙏🏽
Big love 💙
PS. If you’re interested in The E-League Winter Session, please apply as soon as you can, especially if you want great things for your podcast in 2018. I want podcasters that eat, sleep and dream podcasting.
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

Glowing fragments that evade grasp. Welcome to my brain 💙 My latest obsessions about anything & everything, podcasting, health, tech, software, books, shows, products, food, workflows, make-up, whatever is bringing me joy or ponderation ❇️

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