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E.E.E. Volume 28

It is summer. Schedules are not as they were. Sunshine. Rain. Kids are extra stinky 😂 These are some
E.E.E. Volume 28
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #28 • View online
It is summer.
Schedules are not as they were.
Kids are extra stinky 😂
These are some summer faves that are making me feel happy.

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
I know it’s TOTALLY local, but goodness gracious guys, I adore the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.
When we lived in Pittsburgh, I LIVED in the Natural History Museum. In fact, it was the only place that I felt free and spacious when I was a new Mom. 
My baby Hunter (who is now 8) and I would walk around the Natural History Museum and I’d put her to sleep walking around the Museum of Art.
Ever since then, we’ve come to the museum, at least twice a week.
My girls grew up in these museums. And they love them! If you visit, discovered them. They are so worth it.
I’m incredibly — moved? Is that the word? I’m not quite sure 🤔 The His Dark Material’s series is *not* a light read, at least for me. It’s heavy and disturbing and man is it making me think 😳 or is it just me?
I have one more book to go, and then, Philip Pullman is releasing a new one! I’m kinda excited about that. I had no idea that would be happening when I picked up the series this year.
I found this album 10 years ago. I often played it in my yoga classes (it’s not a yoga-type album) but something about the way that it made me feel when I taught my 7 am class really set the scene.
Also…teaching at 7 am was HARD. I needed a bit of *help* 😜
It holds summer for me.
I hope you are also enjoying your summer!
All my love to you and yours,
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