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E.E.E. Volume 27

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
New location for this Mama!
I am sitting at a Starbucks as I write this…if you happen to wanna get all meta about this and it’s within 24 hours of you getting this on Saturday morning, you can watch my IG Story 😜
I’m in Pittsburgh people! Yeay!
There was a while there that we honestly had no IDEA how in the world we would be able to leave 😥
We had a ‘savior’ friend, step up and COME TO PICK US UP from Pittsburgh 😱 (we of course paid him for his troubles) but seriously, who does that?
We are beyond thankful for Nick, for giving up his weekend and shuttling all of us, including two cats across three states. There are very few people that would do that.

I have re-discovered music! That’s a total side effect of Verizon opening up their unlimited data plans 👊🏽 YASSSS!
I’ve got some super killer music that I’m obsessed with, but before I share specifics with you today, I must share how easy it was to dive in to discover and also to start listening (which I find one of the hardest things ever.)
The A-Lists in Apple Music
SO easy!
So many different genres. Human curated lists. Awesome. LOVE.
You have to go into Apple Music and search for them. You’ll find them.
NOTE: I do not plan on switching to any other music streaming service, so I welcome tips about Apple Music…that’s about it!
This little beauty came into my radar last week.
I was offered a review unit. I do hope that this was true, because the email address they used to contact me was to my yoga email address which I rarely use…
I’ll report back.
This could be a total game changer for me. If I could get a proper microphone attached to my iPhone, and if all goes well with iOS 11, I’ll be able to connect to Cast to record She Podcasts and HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE?
That would be the dream.
I don’t feel I have the words to comment.
All I can tell you is that the video above hit home so strongly.
You know what? We get the job done.
And the price we pay and have paid, most won’t even begin to understand 😐
That is what I’ve been meditating on. The price we pay and continue to pay that goes far deeper than social and cultural. Some of our spirits won’t ever be the same.
WATCH IT. In case you haven’t already. And you’ll be bopping around all day saying “we get the job done.”
Already then!
Time to be off.
I’ll check on you next week!
PS. If you do find E.E.E. interesting or fun or entertaining or worth sharing, share it. It would mean the world. 💙💙💙
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Elsie Escobar
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