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E.E.E. Volume 26

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
Can you believe it?
Half way through 2017. That was fast. 😅
I’m feeling sooooo excited. SO excited.
As of today, July 1, in the morning, it’s looking like we will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow night.
You guys, this week was rough for all.
All I know is that I’m super thankful that I like my family. 😏

I cannot get over how cool these are!!!
I cannot get over how cool these are!!!
I mean c'mon. 
I don’t even know what to say. HOW. COOL. ARE. THESE?
And on THAT note. Check out this notebook. 
Why do I like it? Because it was designed for a specific use case. This notebook was designed for established behavior.
Those of you that have been working privately with me or happen to listen to my podcast, know that I chat about this all the time.
When you watch the video about the notebook, you’ll see that it was designed for a clear psychographic. 
That said, if you happen to be like me at all, you’ll watch this and go ‘omgosh, I can totally use this!’
So, in its specificity, it has become universal 😇 and is appealing to a whole lot of folks.
The concept is a notebook, we all love that, with enough innovation that it’s just cool 😎 I’m SO in.
I just finished reading a 750 page book! I was so thankful for being able to dive into another world…it’s my way of escaping. We all need a little something like that in our lives 😬
First, it’s not a happy and inspiring book. I LOVE mysteries, thrillers, detective stories, stuff like that. I’m obsessed with this genre.
The Crow Girl is a story with lead female characters, one is a police detective and the other is a psychologist.
Originally this was a trilogy authored by Swedish author duo Jerker Eriksson and Håkan Axlander Sundquist under the pen name of Erik Axl Sund
It was released in the U.S. as one book, hence the 750 pages.
There is a mystery.
The dregs of humanity show their horrible face.
Mental health is brought front and center - as is unfathomable deviance.
Even through that, it is not a defeating story. In fact, it ends up being quite hopeful, in spite of it all.
I can guarantee this, you will NOT know how it’s going to end. The story has so many twists in it, I barely could keep up! Every time you make a decision about something, you find out it’s not what you think at all.
It is one of my favorite books of 2017.
That is all!
All my love!
P.S. I hope to chronicle our trek via Instagram Story tomorrow, in case you wanna follow us along! Or even check in with @yogeek late-night. 
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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