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E.E.E. Volume 24

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
OMGoodness, we’re gonna go right in it.
I had a dream of a lion.
Well, it was more like a bunch of them.
A GINORMOUS lion entered some kind of store my girls and I were both in. It was not a tame lion and he was feeling aggressive.
My girls happened to have stepped away from me looking at stuff in the store when this GIANT lion came in.
He was more along the size of a tiger, but even bigger than one of those prehistoric tiger types.
I was soooooo scared! And I couldn’t see my girls!
I’m not sure how all this went down, but it seemed that outside of the store a bazillion OTHER lions were walking down the street.
When the lion in the store saw the other lions happily walking down the street, he left to go join them.
The end. I woke up.
Of COURSE, I had to look up dreams and lion and spirit animals and such
I share the following article because I really love the section “Tips for interpreting your lion dream.” 

I wrote a Drabble!!!
Do you guys know about Drabbles? I will let Kris Dersch tell you all about it in this a little over two minute audio. CLICK HERE IT’S SOOO FUN!
Kris is the host of the No Extra Words podcast. Her podcast is all about flash fiction but beyond that, she is one creative soul.
She experiments in her podcast all the time, and her latest experimentation has to do with Drabbles and having recently discovered Instagram she decided to do a bit of a fun Instagram challenge involving these magical 100-word stories.
I’m telling you. It’s kinda addictive. When she first mentioned this challenge I immediately thought, I wanna do that! (but I have no time) But when she did it AGAIN I thought, I’m doing it RIGHT NOW.
It’s awesome.
Here’s my Drabble. I know what it means. I suppose that’s enough 😜 
My Drabble is about her. And she's wearing my dress!
My Drabble is about her. And she's wearing my dress!
You guys…I WANT THIS TANK!!! 💕💕💕
Go Smudge Yourself Flowy Tank  — Barefoot Five
❝ I’m all, peace, love, light and a little go smudge yourself ❞ - Barefoot Five #perfection
Ok…busy busy week. Headed off to Pittsburgh for the rest of the summer, so packing is in the cards for the next few days!
All my love,
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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