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E.E.E. Volume 23

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
Remember my shoes?
The ones that I shared in Volume 22?
They came and they are AWESOME! I also went out twice for a run, and it’s made me SOOOO happy. Man, have I needed that! Looking forward to feeling strong 💪🏽

When working with my E-Leaguers, I do a pretty in-depth online brand audit. I dive into all things website and social media presence from the podcast listener point of view.
I spend a lot of time on their websites and take tons of screenshots.
Currently, I use an app called Skitch, which many of you might know from Evernote BUT I use Skitch 1.0.11 which was the 2012 version, specifically because it takes full website screenshots.
I wanted another tool, in case my old school Skitch version ceased to work.
I asked in The Feed Group Voxer Chat for some help and Chris from the Ed Tech podcast shared a super cool Chrome extension called Nimbus.
I’m in love!
Nimbus Capture - Make screenshots or Record Screen
In order for me to sustain the level of energy that I need for client work, podcast episode recording and of course my sweet girl monkeys there are times that I need a boost.
Um. #Heaven
Um. #Heaven
I am totally fickle. There are few things that are SUPER consistent in my life. I can count those on one hand.
Social media playgrounds are NOT consistent with me at all. I really go in bursts. I’m either constantly posting or I disappear completely.
Right now, I’m really into Instagram Stories. I’ve found the ease of being able to share a bit of back story, a bit of insight, a bit of fun - easy. 
I’m also interested in how IG Stories can be used for podcast advocacy and marketing.😎 
Instagram Blog
OH! And today is my girls’ Spring Show at gymnastics!!! I’ll share some of their stuff in an IG story! They are soooooo darn cute! This is my 5 year old’s first ‘performance’ in gymnastics. Well, she’s actually doing an obstacle course…hope she goes through with it! 😳
May all of us make it through today with vibrant health and happiness 🙏🏽
All my love,
PS You can follow me in IG here, I’m @yogeek. 
PPS. The BIG news coming out of WWDC this week in the world of podcasting was the announcement of an addition of new feed specs as well as Podcast Analytics. You can watch the full session here if you’re a geek like me! 
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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