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E. E. E. Volume 21

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
Ah yes, that significant weekend in the U.S., the one that signifies the beginning of summer.
My hubby shared with me that this weekend alone, over 100 thousand people will be coming to our little neck of the woods 😳 #OutOfControl #ILiveInAResortTown
Going into town to do my editing to put out the newest episode of The Feed won’t be easy today. I think most of my favorite little coffee houses with wifi will be packed 😓 Finding good wifi + non-touristy is gonna be tough
Speaking of summer…

Regular ‘ol sunscreens are really horrible for the environment, let alone for your skin.
For the most part, I tend to keep my commitment to using organics to myself, but when it comes to sunscreen, I feel the more informed, the better, for all of us, but most importantly for little tiny people and pregnant or nursing Mamas.
The Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreen has been a significant source of education since I lived in L.A.! Which is quite a while ago.
If you don’t wanna go deep into this thing, just look at the worst scoring kids sunscreens and stay away from them. 
And now, from sunscreen to the most helpful little Mac App ever (sorry non-Mac users!)
This little app has only ONE use, to “clean up” your desktop when producing a screencast or doing a presentation
I know we all have a cluttered desktop.
Well…there are a couple of you out there that truly do keep the desktop free of anything, but for the rest of us mortals 😜 we suck at it and end up with an enormous amount of random files right on that darn desktop.
When doing screen capture tutorials or *gulp* doing a live presentation, it looks less than attractive. Think about your cluttered room and someone coming over!
So what do you do? Shove everything in the closet of course!
That’s what PresenterMate does. It shoves everything in the closet. It makes all your files disappear when you’re presenting and then when you turn the app off, it brings all your clutter back.
I don’t use it often, but when I do, I’m SOOO thankful!
Getting serious for a bit here, what happened in Manchester has me in an emotional state.
I go from rage to terror, to sorrow, to anger, to confusion, to fear, to everything in between 😣
When I first heard about what happened, I immediately thought, ‘they targeted young girls and women, those evil evil bastards.’
I don’t know if they were smart enough to be that specific.
It could have been more about timing; this concert is happening on this date, let’s do that vs let’s specifically blow up THIS concert where the majority of those attending will be little girls, young women, and their mothers.
I don’t know.
But I can tell you that it affected me deeply. When my girls and I discussed what happened, I cried. I couldn’t get through it. My oldest is 8, the same age as the Saffie Rose and…well…😞
I’ve stayed away from most detailed reports. It serves no one for me to be in such psychological pain, but I did bump into this article, and it gave me hope. 
They Went to Manchester Arena as Homeless Men. They Left as Heroes. - The New York Times
And now just some music to move you into the weekend. Chris Cornell doing a cover of Stay With Me Baby.
All my love,
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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