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E.E.E. Volume 20

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
When I woke up Thursday morning, I found out Chris Cornell was dead and for the past few days I’ve been swimming down memory lane.
Although music has been part of my life, it was never as life changing as music was for me in the early 80s (early teenage years.)
After that, music came and went and my taste was so eclectic I had a hard time keeping up with myself. 😅
But, during my first year at LMU (1990,) I discovered the alternative scene. For me, it was the sweetest and most wholesome way to rebel.
I was also very much aesthetically aligned with cute boys with long hair, docs, and baggy overalls with no shirts on.
They did look so cute!
I also, randomly happened to get an opportunity to see Soundgarden in L. A. sometime in 1991. I can’t remember details really, all I remember is that Chris Cornell embodied “the dream man.” To my 19 year old self, he was perfection.
I had the total privilege of seeing him a few more times after that with Audioslave, and had my mind blown being almost able to touch him in one of his solo acoustic shows. He was incredible.
That voice.
Watching him left me astounded. I couldn’t believe he could in truth, sing the notes on his albums. Awestruck.
My heart has been very sad. He meant so much to me. I cannot imagine what his family must be feeling right now 😔
Here is a video of him singing with his daughter. Of course I sobbed watching this. My hope is that she, and her siblings are able to get through this and outshine the pain and sorrow

I have a couple of other things to share with you, and they are not quite as sad, I promise!
Jess and I chatted about Voxer waaaaaay back in one of our podcasts episodes. I know I was still living in the cabin at that time.
Although we found it fun, for like a day, it didn’t really click. We dropped it out of our rotation communications 😝
I have come back to this little app and I LOVE it.
The E-League, which you can read about here, is essentially a super charged session with me, with the bonus of community, if you want it.
I wanted that community support to be primarily on Slack, but then the idea of an audio component also interested me, so I added Voxer to the mix and it’s been so awesome!
I create a weekly chat for everyone, and through the week people are simply chatting with each other there. I didn’t think it was going to be such great experience!
I am hoping to incorporate it for podcasting as well! Keep an eye out for that!
I have an Apple Lighting Cable in every bag that I own. I even have one in MY WALLET. I cannot stand not being able to charge up when I need it.
I’m also a huge fan of the Apple EarPods. They work for me. Their microphone is also very good in a pinch for podcasting. I’ve tried the $100 earbuds and do to how hard I am on them, there is no way that I could replace them in any economically feasible way.
How do I keep up with my level of destruction?
MacSales! I just stocked up. I bought two extra lighting cables and two extra EarPods, each one of them was a little over $12. How about that???
This website is awesome for finding deals on cables, accessories and other fun Mac related things. I have saved so much money shopping there!
NOTE: the reason that they can do that is because they get batches of product that *might* have some something that’s a little ‘off’. I have never had trouble with my EarPods working, but some of the lighting cables can have charging troubles, especially with older iOS devices.
I don’t mind. I’m willing to gamble with it, and the guys who run it are very professional and care about their customers 😁
Have a lovely weekend!
It’s feeling a lot more like summer over in these parts!
All my love,
PS. In case you are interested in the E-League, I’m going to be opening up a few spots in June. If you’re interested, read up and apply! I already have half of the capacity full from a prior wait list. If you want it! Get on it! 
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Elsie Escobar
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