E.E.E. Volume 2

Excitement this week = finally being in our home after visiting family for over 2 weeks!The goats mis
E.E.E. Volume 2
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #2
Excitement this week = finally being in our home after visiting family for over 2 weeks!
The goats missed us. We missed the goats.
I’m back to my hyper data/bandwidth restricted life, although I must confess, after having *unlimited* data for the past two weeks, I’ve come to realize that it’s not necessary. Who knew? 
It took me 5 months to come to that conclusion 😜 

The toxic truth about baby carrots & why you should stop eating them
I had NO idea where baby carrots came from! Am I late to the party about this? So now I know. And also, it’s pretty crazy that as a society we love ‘pretty’ so much more….and that focusing on the 'pretty’ makes us come up with less than stellar solutions about stuff. Food for thought (literally)
In my ears
Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast: Ringing In the New Year
My latest “I wanna be that when I grow up” thing is all around cyber forensics. I’m devouring anything and everything that is easily accessible education around cyberlaw, cybercrimes and cyberbullying. Here’s one of my latest finds…in case you wanna join in my obsession ;) Mind you….I have NOT properly listened to an episode, but it’s in my cue!
Raymay Pencut Mini Scissors
I LOOOOVE these scissors. How cute are these??? 
Ok, peeps, spill it, how many of you carry scissors with you all the time? I do, and usually they are bulky and annoying. This is going to be my solution, foh sure.
In closing
You know why this weekly email is feeling so good? Because now I have a place to put ‘all the things.’
You hear in systems like GTD how much mind clutter really messes with your productivity, and part of the getting things done way is to put things where they belong - I had no place to put random excitement.
It bubbled inside of me. 
It occupied my mind because it kept popping up over and over and over again. Now I have a place to put it, and it feels so goooooooood!
Wishing your a lovely week!
Big love,
elsie (excitement) escobar
PS: I’m crazy psyched about going to Florida in February! Jess and I will be teaching a killer all day workshop, totally out of the box! Check it out here. Use the code shepodcasts in case you wanna do it up!
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