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E. E. E. Volume 16

Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar
It’s all about workflow, baby!
I’ve been working my tush off over here to get peeps into The E-League, and guess what?
I DID IT! I filled all of my spots! Yahoo!
We have the founding E-League members!
I kinda wanna let you know what went into this, so I’ll share my three primary resources/workflow as to how all this went down.
The idea for The E-League had been brewing deep in my gut for quite a while. I simply did not want to take action. I had no idea what I needed to do. I had no idea even what it looked like.
Actually, I didn’t realize that it was me that needed to do something. I thought, surely someone is going to realize this is necessary!
I was in a creative cul-de-sac, denial and I had zero incentive to make anything happen. I own that. I completely see it now. 🙄 #slacker
But then, I had three things that PUSHED me over, and it was all clearly sink or swim, and this Mama DOES NOT sink.
The overarching theme of the three things was: ENOUGH. That’s it. NO MORE.

Natalie with her family!
Natalie with her family!
Resource: 1
I took my first step after coming back from Podfest. I hired Natalie Eckdahl for a business consult. 
She knows me. I know her work. I also know the type of business coach she is. She is all business. And that’s what I needed. Jess and I call her ‘The Hammer’. I needed her to give me ‘the business’ and she (of course) delivered.
She gave me deadlines to do. I accepted the challenge. I hit my deadlines.
Resource: 2
I know all about Wordpress. I’m in at least one Wordpress site once a day. I know my way around, but I wanted MY personal website to be a Squarespace site. The end. Let’s not get into a discussion about this, and I don’t want to justify it. I wanted a Squarespace site. That is all.
I’ve had a Squarespace account since 2012! And I hadn’t done anything with it!!!! In fact, I’m still grandfathered into the Squarespace 5 billing account! (This will only shock you if you use Squarespace)
I gave myself deadlines for every part of the site. I drew what I wanted and how it would all flow in a notebook (wireframing analog style).
I started work on my site in mid-March.
Most of my time was getting to learn all about Squarespace 7, including all the functionality and how all the pieces were going to fit.
The next thing that took quite a long time was the copy. I wrote it all in Bear and tagged it accordingly, so once I was ready, all I had to do was copy to Markdown and paste into the site, and everything was beautifully formatted 😙
Finally, I hooked up the commerce portion of the Squarespace site, which I’ve never used and wow, impressive. There are somethings that I think are a bit weird, but HEY my attitude for this was ‘it’s good enough! And I’m NOT getting caught up on the little things - at all.’
And BOOM I had a fully functional website I could send people to!
Finally, right after my chat with Natalie, I had to see the process of what E-League was going to be, plus what it would take from concept to marketing, to onboarding, to payments to follow—up, and finally to the work.
This happened before I begun my website overhaul as well.
Here is my MASTERFUL solution 😜
Here is my MASTERFUL solution 😜
Resource: 3
Notebook + sticky notes.
That’s it! I did that in about 15 minutes, and after I was done with that it was THE EASIEST THING EVER!
If for some reason I lost my focus, I would come back to my little sticky notes and it would get me back on track. Of course, as I took actions every day, little things came up that weren’t part of my original outline, but I was able to quickly add them to my daily tasks, rather than derailing completely and losing sight of the finish line.
So, how long did this take?
My session with Natalie was on March 8. The E-League closes it’s doors this weekend, so about six and a half weeks!
I am SOOOOOO excited with this group of ladies. They are all unique and powerful voices in a myriad of industries that have ONE main thing that threads them together: impact.
I cannot wait what we create together 👊🏽
Now, I’m off to prep for the fun. Let me know if you want to learn more about the inner workings of the journey!
Big love to all of you!
PS: I hope to use the hashtag #eeleague out in SM. We’ll see what that looks like! (notice the TWO ee’s not one)
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Elsie Escobar
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar

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