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E.E.E. Volume 12

Happy Spring in the northern hemisphere! We have the sweetest little tiny purple flowers popping up a
E.E.E. Volume 12
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #12 • View online
Happy Spring in the northern hemisphere! We have the sweetest little tiny purple flowers popping up all over our yard and they are making me so happy!
It’s looking like lawn mowing season is slowly coming upon us 😁
The Spring creative energy is one that I can say 100% fuels new ideas for me. It’s the season where I find taking action and creating stuff the easiest ever. 

Sustainability is a core value for our family. Most of my info comes via my hubby, as he’s a green builder and has been immersed in these type of conversations for quite a long time. The hardest part about living a sustainable life is the sheer amount of information out there, and whether or not it’s something we, as a family can actually do. In comes one of my favorite podcasts How You Can Save The World
Full disclosure this podcast came to my attention because the mighty Barbara Edelman needed some podcasting guidance, and I’ve been so lucky to have been working with her for a while now ☺️ 
The DEPTH of info that she shares in each episode is insane. She does all the research FOR YOU, and gives you solutions so that you can take action right now.
Her latest episode went deep into sustainable ways in which you could heat your home. I loved her composting episode and devoured her green apartment living one. As of late, Barbara has added a new facet to her podcast, social activism, and I cannot wait to hear all the juicy info she’ll be bringing to the conversation!
Super digging this idea. I stumbled into this app the other day and I’ve yet to play with it, but can see how handy it would be. There have been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to respond to someone or have responded to someone on Twitter in more than 140 characters. All I can say is that it sucked, and I didn’t know exactly the protocol for multi-part tweets. I always forgot what I did ‘that one time’ and I spent more time trying to format the tweets than getting my point across. I hope this app helps! If you test it, let me know!
How amazing is this!!! I want it. If anyone has one of these and wants to pass it on to us, we’re here and ready to receive it! 😘
Follow up and wrap up
I have been using using Bear as much as I can. (Please refer to E.E.E. Volume 11 for more deets). I’m gonna need a couple of more weeks to transfer existing notes as well as figure out whether it can take some existing workflows. What I have learned is that it is not a replacement for Byword, which I wasn’t looking to replace anyway, but wanted to see if it could. Stay tuned!
All ready then, off to enjoy my weekend. It’s not a ‘podcast production’ weekend so hopefully I’ll get to dive into my new *thing* that I’ve been working on. I’m so excited!!!
See you next week!
Big love,
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