E.E.E Volume 1

I can't even take it!You're totally into my excitement! Seriously. Can. Barely. Take it. If you could
E.E.E Volume 1
By Elsie Escobar • Issue #1
I can’t even take it!
You’re totally into my excitement! 
Seriously. Can. Barely. Take it. If you could see me now…jumping up and down and giggling, all alone…as I stare at my computer…more awkward than anything really….not a pretty picture, but whatever.
Welp, might as well get started before you change your mind!
Just 3 things✨ Every Saturday morning✨
Here’s what’s got me fired up this week.

Podcasting musings
What WHYY learned from launching a podcast for kids
“It was critical to get on the radar of iTunes and Stitcher in advance of the launch. We shared the pilot with them, as well as the launch date. Also, focused marketing around the first two episodes contributed to a high ranking on iTunes, which launched a virtuous cycle that gets more downloads and higher rankings. The focused marketing consisted of purchased marketing spots with podcast network Midroll, purchased social media ads on Facebook, regular social media posts by WHYY and mentions in WHYY newsletters.”
Woah, these guys really went for it. 
Yep, they are PRO-casters, and had a ton of support of amazing broadcast professionals plus grant monaaay, but holy cats even if they didn’t, I think they still would have done well.
If you are launching, re-launching, re-branding or simply raring up for the new year, you will definintely get some super killer tips from these guys.
NOTE: content & audience are key here. They created quite a phenomenal podcast. You wanna go big? You gotta work your tail off. AND not do it alone. Read this and get some insight into big pushes as well as what helps you stand out.
Stuff I'm LoViNg
Bullet Journaling "Official" Package Set - Emerald
When this came into my consciousness the pen was unavailable and I only got the journaaaaaallllll! 
In stock at the time of this writing. Lucky peeps. I want that pen SO BAD. In that exact color, with matching ink of course.
This official Bullet Journal is gorgeous. 
The Emerald is delicious 💙  I cannot wait to start using it. My buddy Jess already bought hers.
Anyone else up for joining us to start bullet journaling?
In my ears
In 'Moana,' New Voices Both Uphold And Challenge The Disney Tradition : NPR
What’s blasting from our home?
All the girls in the house are #obsessed with the Moana soundtrack. The girls sing “How Far I’ll Go” at the top of their lungs from morning to night. 
My faves are tracks 1 & 2 and the brilliant sparkly crab one, “Shiny”. “I Am Moana” 😭  ❤️  If you don’t have it, get it.
My fave quote from this article:
“If you’re making a movie about a part of the world, for many people that will be their only exposure to that culture,” he says. “So you should know something about that culture [laughs] when you write it.” Miranda doesn’t mean that artists shouldn’t write about cultures that aren’t theirs. “I think anyone should be able to write about anything,” he says. “But your biggest tools are empathy and research. Emphasis on the research.”
In closing
Thank you!
Do let me know your thoughts about this eclectic little newsletter, especially which *stuff* you like the best 😇
My hope is to bring you a bit of excitement, fun and a light heart for *all the things.* 
We are not just one thing, and it’s our connection to the things that excite us that keep our hearts burning.
All my love,
Podfusion is almost heeeeere! Please come see us. That would be FAAAANTASTIC! 
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