By Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

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EVOCATIONS - Writerly Biz & When What I Never Expected Happened

BIG NEWS! My fourth novel TOPANGA CANYON launches May first. YES! This May! Stay tuned next week for BIGGER NEWS about that. Each week, I'll reveal more exciting pieces of the project.Meanwhile I've begun pre-pub assignments for the release of my third book A…


EVOCATIONS - Tips, Trails & Puppy Dog Tails

I'm a podcaster!!! My next and third book A CLEFT IN THE WORLD doesn't launch until spring of 2023 (!) Yes, publishing moves at the speed of tectonic plates. So, finding myself between work projects, I thought developing my own writerly podcast would be a per…


EVOCATIONS - Squirrels & Interviews & Books, Oh My!

If you are in a book club, why not suggest IN ROBIN'S NEST or GEORGIE GIRL to your group? I love talking with people about my work, and there are pithy book club questions/ topics for discussion for both books on my website!



I wrote this so fast today, the first person to find a mistake or typo gets a complimentary signed copy of GEORGIE GIRL to give as a gift (because of course all my subscribers, already have the book, right?) XO


EVOCATIONS - Say your prayers & Cross your fingers

Light and love,



First Detail


EVOCATIONS - Art, Craft, & Greenvegas

Light and love,


EVOCATIONS - Can You Relate?

Light and love,


EVOCATIONS - Providence & Fruit Flies

It is as elusive as the fleet of fruit flies that stowed away in our Trader Joe's bags. I blame the peaches. The dryer is either buried in a box in the cave or over at the storage unit. It's better to air dry your hair anyway and in the heat and humidity, my …


EVOCATIONS - It's been a pack fest

I got my post-surgical cast off yesterday--yippie skippy! Scratching what the plaster cocoon was covering is just delicious! I'm now in a removable, plastic, and velcro splint for another month. So ready for complete healing and independence! I have book sign…


EVOCATIONS - A Dud Firecracker

this week for our move to Greenville SC on Friday, July 16. The house looks as though someone pulled out a giant drawer of miscellany and flipped it over. We signed the closing documents today, so the deed is done! I know my hand is healing because it's begun…



Okay, I'm pretty mortified, friends. I composed the newsletter way too late last night and have no idea what happened to the content. Maybe by next week, I'll remember what I said and tell you again! The H in Preparation H stood for house, btw. No, we don't h…


EVOCATIONS - Preparation H


EVOCATIONS- What a WHALE of a week it's been

In between books, I'm still pursuing and catching podcast opportunities. This Friday, I'll be the on-air guest of Marc Miller, host of the Repurpose Your Career/Career Pivot show, talking with him about my midstream career change from teaching to writing at t…


EVOCATIONS - What David Bowie Song?

Dear friends,What a crazy but exciting time it is! Hope your summer is going "swimmingly" so far. My father was a notorious punster and sometimes I can't help myself. I love words and playing with them is THE BEST! By the way, what kind of vegetable does a je…


EVOCATIONS - Driveways & Droughtlander

Podcasts sell books, says my marketing consultant and everyone else in the publishing biz. Weekly, I research, listen to, and pitch to podcasters in the fields of writing, books, creativity, or midlife. This week, I've been granted two opportunities to be a g…


EVOCATIONS - Bathing Your Brain

*One podcast seemed great with regard to content, but as I listened, the gal let loose a fusillade of conversational f-bombs; sometimes one syllable, sometimes two, and even a triple. I could picture the hyphens! LOL. I never knew there was so much diversity …


EVOCATIONS - Army crawling through muck

If I can do it at my age, anyone can! Here's the piece I wrote for the DIY MFA (do-it-yourself master of fine arts) blog last week.


EVOCATIONS - Baffled by Beach Books?

I'm writing an article for Gabriella Pereira's podcast/blog DIY MFA (https://diymfa.com/) on how I built my freelance side hustle, Four Eyes Editorial.A piece I wrote for the Baylor School (Chattanooga) Alumni Magazine will be published this month. I describe…


EVOCATIONS - Gotta get your own worm

I have a bevy of wonderful coffee cups. I choose my mug based on how I'm feeling or what particular tasks lie ahead of me that day. If it involves a writing or publishing task, Make It Happen is the one. On a day I need a boost of aesthetic beauty, the floral…