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EVOCATIONS - What David Bowie Song?

EVOCATIONS - What David Bowie Song?
By Elizabeth Sumner Wafler • Issue #13 • View online

Dear friends,
What a crazy but exciting time it is! Hope your summer is going “swimmingly” so far. My father was a notorious punster and sometimes I can’t help myself. I love words and playing with them is THE BEST! By the way, what kind of vegetable does a jeweler grow in his garden? Carats! A drummer? Beets! An opthalmologist? Irises! A nurse? Ivy! Love these. Send me your best one!
Between Books
So, yesterday I completed my three-month stint working with professional marketing guru Dan Blank and I miss our weekly calls already! If you’re a writer and need help in the area of marketing and promotion, I highly recommend Dan and his services. Here’s a link to his website.
I’ve embarked
on some different types and applications of writing. It’s all about getting my brand and writer persona out there. Yesterday, the first piece I’ve written for a professional podcaster’s blog went live. It was a thrill to see it on Gabriella Pereira’s blog: DIY/MFA (Do it yourself master of fine arts. It’s about how I built my editorial side hustle. Take a look!
My next piece goes live next Tuesday on prolific YA author and podcaster Mindy McGinnis’s blog WRITER, WRITER PANTS ON FIRE. (Creative title, huh?) I’ll share that article with you next time. It’s all about the SWAG that authors creatively choose to giveaway through #bookmail or at book signings.
Speaking of which, I’ll soon have a date for the book signing I’m doing at the Charlottesville Barnes & Noble with GEORGIE GIRL. I’ll be the first author to appear there since COVID rained on that party.
On Board
Last week, I got to participate in an on-boarding session with my publisher for A CLEFT IN THE WORLD with my “sister authors” whose books also debut with SHE WRITES PRESS spring of ‘23. She Writes is all women-run and all women-published. Production actually starts this November and even though it sounds so far away, I feel like the time will pass quickly.
Publisher Brooke Warner
Publisher Brooke Warner
Still waiting
a.) for my agent to sell TOPANGA CANYON in this market where priority is being given to previously marginalized authors. It’s damned difficult to get a traditional publishing contract anymore. Scores of authors I know are going indie.
b.) and to hear back from the small boutique press to whom I’ve submitted the manuscript for TOPANGA CANYON. If they acquire it, I’ll probably sign on with them. They can generally publish a book in about one year. So that means I’d launch books in both ‘22 and '23.
And I thought landing an agent back in '19 was the be-all-end-all-best-thing-that-ever-happened to me.
Life is surprising.
The Lord and His plans, too.
Move Over, Christy Turlington!
Saturday morning, I get to play dress-up with photographer Rachel Pyne of Piedmont Photography! I’m having my first ever professional author photo shoot. As more opportunities come my way, I need a variety of images. I’ll post them in the next newsletter so you can help me decide which ones are best.
Next Wednesday, I’m having some long overdue, outpatient surgery on the bone-on-bone arthritic thumb/heel of my hand. I’m hoping for good drugs afterward. So no newsletter next week. Typing is already pretty torturous and slow. Prayers appreciated for a successful procedure and quick healing … because
Porter and I are moving . . .
To which city?
To which city?
to Greenville, South Carolina! We’ve been working feverishly to getting our home in tip-top showing condition before it goes on the market next week! That’s why we were having the driveway replaced last week. Our next-door neighbor is selling her house too and she had just hauled a bunch of kitchen stuff out. That’s why the shirtless work crew was diving her bin, she said, for scrap metal. LOL.
Hordes are moving down from NYC and D.C., leaving worse situations, but turning the seller’s market here white-hot. Houses are selling in mere days. We’re super optimistic.
Charlottesville has not been the same since skinheads from Ohio bent on destruction and the intention of defacing our magnificent civil war monuments hit town in ‘17. You know what happened. A young woman named Heather was run down by a car and senselessly killed.
Charlottesville and many of our landmark (and best) restaurants and theatres also did not weather the pandemic well. But those can be rebuilt. What it seems our leadership can’t rebuild is the quaint, pastoral, and historic city that drew us here. Panhandlers and protestors line the once charming downtown pedestrian mall. C-ville has become a hotbed of racial and cultural strife and corruption, even within our church, which we left last year. The good news, we have already found two great traditional church possibilities in Greenville and have been watching services online.
Since we’re both working remotely now–my office is now crammed into our daughter’s room/guest room–we’ve outgrown our cottage. The cost of living in Charlottesville is stratospheric. We will be able to get more bang for our buck in Greenville, where I was born and where both sides of my family lived for two centuries! Getting back to my roots, friends! I still have cousins there that I can’t wait to be with. We’ll also be a lot closer to my brother and sis-in-law in Memphis.
Conde Nast just named beautiful and more conservative Greenville as #6 in the best small US cities! Here’s that link. If it won’t hyperlink here, just cut and paste it into your browser.
Greenville features our beloved Blue Ridge Mountains and is also close to the lovely Carolina beaches. Best of both worlds!
Did you guess the David Bowie song?
Changes! And that sums up this edition. Talk to you in a couple of weeks. Light and love to all.
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Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

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