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EVOCATIONS - Tips, Trails & Puppy Dog Tails

EVOCATIONS - Tips, Trails & Puppy Dog Tails
By Elizabeth Sumner Wafler • Issue #26 • View online
Well, it’s December, peeps! Can you believe that? Christmas is my favorite season, and maybe it’s yours too. As this issue “goes to press,” I’m stepping on the brakes and slowing these days down so that I can fully enjoy each one. Let’s make this Christmas the bomb!
I love The Spruce website. One of my mother’s favorite decorating tips was “Bring the outdoors in.” Here’s a neat piece from The Spruce on doing just that.
And whether you’re celebrating the holidays with lots of family and friends or simply by yourself with a beloved pet and cup of hot cocoa (or whiskey-laced egg nog) remember to take James Taylor’s advice:

For Readers
I’m a podcaster!!!
My next and third book A CLEFT IN THE WORLD doesn’t launch until spring of 2023 (!) Yes, publishing moves at the speed of tectonic plates. So, finding myself between work projects, I thought developing my own writerly podcast would be a perfect way to pay back those peers who’ve inspired me along this career trail. I’m interviewing and featuring authors–some whose books I’ve read and some whose work I’m just discovering. If you’re not on SM much, but would enjoy listening to these 30-min. episodes, it would also be a grand way to discover new books and new authors, many who are debuting. Simply go to: There you’ll find a Buzzsprout link to fun new and archived episodes. Can’t wait for you to hear these talented gals discuss and read from their work. It’s like attending an author reading!
This week's episode
This week's episode
For Writers
If evocative writing doesn’t come organically for you, there are ways you can up your imagery game to ensure your reader has the most immersive experience. (A wise woman recently reminded me to trust my reader to have her own experience.) During each of my podcast episodes I’ll ask the author to share how, with examples from her books, she brings images, memories, feelings, or settings to mind. I hope you will find these perspectives helpful.
The following is a good article with three clear tips on using imagery to your best advantage:
3 Tips When Using Imagery in Your Writing
My Writerly News
I almost fired my agent.
Then I realized that her inability to sell my third and fourth manuscripts wasn’t her fault, but the fault of publishing’s own “cancel culture.” Yes, I said it. Acquiring editors aren’t touching traditional stories told by “privileged” authors. Don’t believe me? An agent I met at a writing retreat in Albuquerque this September advised me to put my work in a drawer for a year or so until things “calm down.”
Now that’s telling.
So, for CLEFT I’m “going Indie,” publishing with She Writes Press. But I have high hopes for the traditional publishing of TOPANGA CANYON in the future.
A spark of inspiration for a new book project has finally ignited! I will tell you about it next month. Bwahaha.
Life News
31-year-old daughter Olivia arrives from her home in Los Angeles on the twentieth for ten days! Can’t wait for:
  • that first big hug
  • mother/daughter mani/pedi time
  • working family puzzles together
  • seeing West Side Story at the theatre
  • baking with her and taking said baked goods to neighbors–lest we eat them all
  • her to meet our new family member!
Yes, friends! Porter and I have adopted four-month-old lab/pointer mix GEORGETTE, whom we are calling Georgie. Good name, huh? ;-) She is one bundle of tail-snapping energy. But the adoring looks, vigorous chin-bathing kisses, and joy she brings have earned her a permanent place in our hearts. Twelve-year-old “Big” sister, little Mirabelle is getting more used to Georgie each day–even gamely walking on a tandem leash with her–and we think they’ll be good pals. But I whisper a secret in Mirabelle’s silky ear every day, “You’ll always be number one.” And I hope she lives many more years.
It’s not easy catching snaps of Georgette that aren’t blurs, but here are a couple:
In my office, chewing a favorite toy
In my office, chewing a favorite toy
Pre-bedtime nap on Dad's lap
Pre-bedtime nap on Dad's lap
More news … we have taken the vows of membership at wonderful Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church only a mile from our house! 
Soon we’ll celebrate the birth of Jesus, beginning with next week’s performance of Handel’s The Messiah. “I bring you good news that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11 Oh, praise Him! For everything we have is a gift from his hand.
We are enjoying my local cousins, and are making new friends. We have the best neighbors.
Our home (formerly known as The Money Pit) has finally become beautifully and perfectly imperfect. Lived in and loved in.
Life is good in the friendly south.
Last things …
Revue analytics tell me my newsletter has only a 40% click-rate. Don’t be afraid of clicking on my links–they are safe and will enhance your experience. Woot!
Light and love,
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Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

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