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EVOCATIONS - Gotta get your own worm

EVOCATIONS - Gotta get your own worm
By Elizabeth Sumner Wafler • Issue #8 • View online
“God gives every bird his worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.” Swedish proverb
Every inch of progress I’ve made towards being a traditionally published author is due to good old-fashioned butt-busting work. I’ve dug deep for every worm that’s nurtured me along the way.
There are no shortcuts.
But what I’ve been super blessed with is the support I receive from my various writing groups, my Nashville-based critique partner EP*, and other special writers with whom I’ve bonded. A hashtag that’s gaining popularity is #authorssupporting authors. The thrust is to be a good literary citizen, whether it’s touting the work of others, reading and posting reviews for them, or often, simply being a sounding board. So, a special muah to all those whose support I feel while sitting at my solitary desk. You know who you are.
*Since both my critique partner and I are Elizabeths, we decided years ago that she would be EP and I, EW.

When a gal is in her cups. Oops, I mean when she's into her cup collection.
When a gal is in her cups. Oops, I mean when she's into her cup collection.
I have a bevy of wonderful coffee cups. I choose my mug based on how I’m feeling or what particular tasks lie ahead of me that day. If it involves a writing or publishing task, Make It Happen is the one. On a day I need a boost of aesthetic beauty, the floral does the trick. It’s as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside, which describes my daughter, who gifted it to me one Christmas. If there’s a quagmire that I’m going to have to slog my way through, like learning a new media platform–that can take hours and might require cursing–it’s DO YOUR BEST. And when I only need to be my authentic and creative self, the E cup gets the brew. Do you have habits like this that make your workday a taddy bit more intentional or fun?
The best thing I’ve learned this week, by listening to the @BookmarkedYA podcast (a worm I unearthed by digging through at least half of the thousands of writer podcasts out there. Just kidding. But it sure felt like it. Though GEORGIE GIRL is technically considered a work of YA, I’ve wondered why adult women are the ones going goo-goo ga-ga over it. Now I know!
What’s the best thing you’ve learned this week?
What’s the hardest task you’ve accomplished this week?
No newsletter next week because … we’ll be at Nag’s Head! My business manager says I can’t take work with me. See you on May 14th!
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Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

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