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I’m excited to welcome you back to EVOCATIONS, my now MONTHLY newsletter. Thank you so much for your loyalty. I’m delighted that you’re interested in hearing more from me and eager to share with you. Cheers to fall and a new season!
Why are readers always so busy? Because they are booked! Are you booked? What’s the last thing you read or are currently enjoying? I am re-reading Celeste Ng’s EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU–for the third time. Her prose and craftsmanship are spellbinding, and this book is amongst my top five favorite books ever.
If you are an adult who doesn’t read, click here for FIVE GREAT REASONS you should. (Btw, I noticed a low “click rate” on previous newsletters. Don’t be afraid to click on my links; they’re perfectly safe.)
My sweet and talented WFWA friend Maggie Giles has a new book coming out! Here is the log line: A foolish affair gives a mom an unexpected do-over, sending her ten years back to an alternate reality. Her kids don’t exist, her best friend hates her and even stranger, a formerly-dead friend is still alive. Desperate to see her kids, she questions whether her old life is worth the death of another.
“The Things We Lost comes out April 19, 2022 and is currently available for pre-order,” says Maggie. “Publishing has been a whirlwind journey. I am just beginning to see early reviews and cannot believe that people are actually reading words I wrote. It’s very surreal. I can’t wait to see my book in stores and (hopefully) seeing people reading it "in the wild.” I am grateful for all the support I’ve received from the writing community, including the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, the Debut 2022 groups and the growing Instagram and Twitter community full of wonderful writers. I am so excited to share this novel with you in six (short) months!“ Lovely Maggie with her ARC copy:
"Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque!” The old Partridge Family song resounded through my head while packing for the Women’s Fiction Writers Retreat last month. Maybe you were there, too! Our leader, Donald Maass, brilliant agent and author was amazing. He inspired me to think about the premise for a FIFTH book! The theme for the week was the emotional component of fiction–a must for women’s fiction in particular. I immediately ordered his book on the subject as well as another title he recommended when I got home. Can’t wait to see how reading “The Emotional Craft of Fiction” helps all the notes I took during his lectures gel!
I also got to meet my darling critique partner of four years for the first time, Nashville-based Elizabeth Parman! She’s EP and I’m EW. We had some yuks while being roomies at the historic Old Town Albuquerque Hotel. If you haven’t attended a WFWA retreat, plan ahead for the next one!
This month’s WFWA webinar hosted by Lisa Montanaro is a strategic plan from romance writer Libby Waterford for surviving (and enjoying) National Fiction Writer’s Month or NANOWRIMO. I am the volunteer who designs the webinar ads each month for social media. I’m pretty obsessed with CANVA and had fun creating this one:
When SHE WRITES PRESS acquired and selected my manuscript A CLEFT IN THE WORLD for their spring ‘23 catalogue, it seemed a light year alway! But this week, I received an invitation to an on-boarding meeting that happens next week, where we will discuss first steps towards active traditional publication! Meanwhile, I’ve taken to saying that publishing moves at the speed of tectonic plates.
Meanwhile, it seems my agent has reached the end of the line for selling book #4 TOPANGA CANYON in the current market. The sad fact for white writers is that publishers are acquiring mostly books written by the formerly marginalized, minority writers and culturally diverse writers. There is much talk in the publishing community about when it might blow over. I was recently advised to put TC “in a drawer for a year.” I could self-publish it, but I feel like this one is my best and really desire for it to be traditionally published.
But we knew that all along.
I am also s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g my editorial mettle by beginning an edit on client’s memoir. So far, I’ve only edited fiction. Btw, don’t know the difference between a memoir and an autobiography? (No one will see you raising your hand.) An autobiography is the story of your life from birth to the present. A memoir is theme-oriented with anecdotes from your life that buttress a specific theme. A memoir will be autobiographical of course, but it can’t be about you. It’s about the reader and what he or she takes from your experiences. It’s a tough, convoluted project to tackle, even harder than writing a novel. Hats off to those who write them.
Now for some happy news: I was invited to participate in an event at Greenville’s premiere indie bookstore M.Judson Booksellers last month and had a blast meeting and talking to readers. The line at my table was the longest, and I sold every one of my books! My GEORGIE GIRL is now for sale at M. Judson’s and is marked LOCAL AUTHOR. You know I love that!!
After almost four weeks in our (new-to-us) house in the Greenville, SC area, all the boxes are unpacked. But we’ve found it to be more of a fixer-upper than we first realized. “Chip and Joanna, where are you?” There are still several rooms to be painted and some exterior repairs on the horizon. And our painter is talented, but not reliable about showing up. But here are a few happy shots. I’m crazy in love with our renovated kitchen.

I wrote this so fast today, the first person to find a mistake or typo gets a complimentary signed copy of GEORGIE GIRL to give as a gift (because of course all my subscribers, already have the book, right?) XO
Light and love,
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