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EVOCATIONS - Bathing Your Brain

EVOCATIONS - Bathing Your Brain
By Elizabeth Sumner Wafler • Issue #11 • View online
Hello, friends!
My marketing consultant is a gifted sleuth. Since he’s a literary type you can just call him Hercule Poirot. “Podcasts sell books,” Hercule told me from the beginning. He’s been great at ferreting out dozens (out of the hundreds) of big-time podcasts centered on books and on the craft of writing, then putting their links in the Google spreadsheets he and I work on together. Then it’s my turn. I listen to an episode or two from each podcast to get a feel for whether or not the format and the host* would be a good fit for me. Next, I pitch the host asking for a guest spot. I already have FOUR guesting opportunities for the fall! And I’m still researching links. Here’s an example of a host/show with whom I really connected. Kris Clink’s The Writing Table.
Many of the podcasts are centered not on writing, but on creativity. There is a lot of interest in boomer and Gen-X creativity. They call us midlifers. With my mortality rate, the math doesn’t exactly work, but at least midlife is a hopeful, empowering term.
One thing I learned this week is that though older people have to work harder at learning something than kids do, we can learn new things if we have the right mixture of inspiration, drive, training, and perseverance.
The brain’s plasticity is still at work.
One speaker spoke of bathing your brain in novelty. I love that! Bathing connotes such a thorough and luxurious cleansing. It’s the originality that inspires.
I think one reason why those podcasters have said yes to me is that at fifty-five, I started a whole new career. I had to move from a successful teacher to an unsuccessful author. That took crazy courage. But the podcasters feel like it will be inspiring to people who may be searching for what they feel has been lost to them or for what they feel is unattainable.
If you are feeling stymied in “midlife” or sitting around watching TV all day, get up and bathe your brain. Take up a new hobby. Visit a museum. Go watch a craftsman at work. Read books–the classics you never got around to. Grow things. Take a class on something you’ve had a secret hankering to learn. Teach others how to do what you are doing. Creativity inspires creativity.

*One podcast seemed great with regard to content, but as I listened, the gal let loose a fusillade of conversational f-bombs; sometimes one syllable, sometimes two, and even a triple. I could picture the hyphens! LOL. I never knew there was so much diversity with the f-word.
Maybe she needs a different kind of soap.
" . . . with the piquant after-dinner flavor, heady, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness." Ralphie
" . . . with the piquant after-dinner flavor, heady, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness." Ralphie
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Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

Writer. Quotidian reader. Editor. Christian. Podcaster. Past Director of Craft Education for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Repped by the @KnightAgency.

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